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Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

Posted by: ZeBekgarbage

[MUSIC FOR FUN via theKATbox (while in Malaysia.)]
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Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – tracks and remixes by T-E-E-D

I’m sure if you ask anyone who knows me what my favorite flower is, they’ll tell you it’s the Stargazer Lily.






This used to be true, so true my corsage and my dates boutonniere for prom were made with a stargazer lily.


i found this in a keychain in my car that I havent been in since 2007. Me and Jeffrey Raymond Walker.

"Back in the day when i was young, i'm not a kid anymore, but some days i sit and wish i was a kid again."

I have been traveling a whole lot the past weeks. Within five weeks I managed to go to my beloved San Francisco for two weekends, once before my Malaysia trip, and again soon after I returned from my Malaysia trip. J’aime San Francisco.

My girlfriends Sara and Holli live in the Lower-Haight area so you can catch us eating, drinking, walking, and hanging out in that area.

A couple years ago I discovered my favorite “Brick & Mortar Treasure Garden Emporium.”


My fav. plant/flower shop. They also sell other cool things for your home.

My fav. plant/flower shop. They also sell other cool things for your home.

It is in this shop that I have discovered amazing, beautiful, quirky plants that I adore looking at as well as being in the presence of.

Example: Air plants
my new air plants.

Here’s what they look like, (google Air plants for more images.)
air plant

I also found my new current favorite flower at Xapno-

Protea species

Protea neriifolia






The lady who runs and owns the shop totally reflects her pets, the plants. Her name is Jean Marx. She’s not annoying and bubbly, but she is very quiet and you can tell, quite creative. Jean not only has incredible taste in home and scents, she also knows whats up when it comes to music. I love her shop. If you want to know more about Jean and her personality just read this- from her blog.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011
Shopkeeper’s Lament
“From yesterday afternoon:
Beautiful new bags by Hobo International came in today, but it’s quiet and rainy and they have no admirers but me.The new John Derian decoupaged glass is here as well, its alluring antique imagery staring out in perplexity at the de-populated store. The plants and flowers, with their significant charms, are waiting to transport someone to a state of grace. But here we are, defiantly incredulous that only the excruciating excercise of marketing will save us from invisibility and possible extinction. Woe is me; I need a social networking guru.

TIP OF THE DAY (Or, between the lines– NOTES ON ONE OF JEAN’S PET PEEVES): When buying flowers, refrain from asking, “How long will they last?” Be assured that if you look at them carefully and ascertain their health and merits (which I am sure you are capable of doing, dear discerning shopper), and if you are willing to pamper them a bit, they will give you everything they possibly can. And remember, it’s not even about how long they last; it’s about how they will be a tonic to your dragging, beauty-starved soul and about how even their process of dying can be quite lovely if you kindly groom and dignify them as they wither. Furthermore, I’m sure you would never ask the waiter at your favorite restaurant how long you can expect the dinner you’ve eaten to last…..Nor, I hope, would you ask your lover how long he or she will last (whatever you might be referring to) and then accept them or discard them on the basis of their answer, which can only be a conjecture, an aspiration, or an outright lie anyway.”

Make sure you find this place and buy something from there whenever you find yourself in the Lower-Haight area of San Francisco.

Great review of Xapno by Tom L. on Yelp.

Here’s more music for your enjoyment.

Flower Power,
I picked it up off the ground, it had a hole in it.

Tree carpet thanks to the winds hitting Los Angeles.