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Clean Your Vagina.

Monday, September 14th, 2009

Photo: ZeBek

It’s almost time for me to get my yearly pap smear done for this year, so I was thinking I’d share some info. about my Vagina, and putangs in general. I’m going to keep this small and sweet.

I LOVE getting face, and I’ve given face a few times.
Vaginas should never taste or smell fishy.
meow. Can you tell I'm going through a fishy phase?Photo: ZeBek

Women, I believe it is our duty to maintain that Vaginas are awesome! Yes, sometimes our pussies smell funky, but NOT most of the time. I know when I exercise, my cooter can smell a bit sour, but thats what showers are for.
I’m a Virgo so I love keeping clean. My pussy is known for being primp and proper.
I’m not huge on hair down there so I’ve been getting it lasered. (Worth every penny.) Some hair is hot too, though.
You are not supposed to use harsh soaps or perfumes to clean your puss. I use The DivaWash to clean my flower.
I make sure that I hit my puss gently with lots of water so it stays au naturel.
If possible right when you get out of the shower jump on someones face, make them lick it and eat it, come, then clean again and go on with your day or night.
Also, if you’re a kinky ass hot bitch, or always on the go, carry unscented baby wipes in your purse. If you’re at the club, or traveling the world and can’t shower, yet the opportunity arises for you to receive yummy oral sex, bust out your wipeys and clean that ish. Everyone will be happy in the end.


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