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My Trip to the Gyno.

Monday, January 18th, 2010

MMM, does that make you want to eat a gyro with extra tzatziki?

ZeBek’s Papanicolaou test

Finally got my pap done. Twas fun times, sorta….

I personally prefer a female doctor because who better to test my vagina than a female with a vagina? Plus, i know girls finger gently. ;)

Oh man, STD’s are scary. Luckily i have had ZERO run ins with them. Unfortunately STD’s are “normal”, which means you getting a pap done regularly should also be normal.

So they make you get nakies, on the left is my fancy top, and to the right are my bottoms. No buttons, zippers, nothing- easy access. ;) Oh yeah, and thats where your feet go.

Here are the tools they use to learn more about your vagina. Theres the plastic clamps, =( eeek. And the pipe cleaner which they twist around you inside (ouchie.) Sometimes you get spotting because they have to make sure they get enough specimen.

OH man, here’s what she got outta my vagina, my specimen. Can you see the tissue/blood?

Then after this the nurse or doctor fingers you gently to feel around and make sure its all working inside. They also feel you up for breast lumps. Its a lot of action, and everything happens so fast. In and out. So not like porno, but yes, but nooo.

So here’s a photo of how much your cooter can open! Eek, i’m not having babies til i’m 31.

Then i went downstairs to get my bloodwork done. They check for other stuff via your blood. Like HIV. (i’m not scared of needles.) My arm is still bruised tho, looks like i tried H. ew! But at least i’ll know whats going on inside my blood stream.

You wanna get inside my box? Well know this first, (can you handle my box?)

Alright, so after all this fun madness i got coffee, went to work, and after work i saw this!

I must say it was a productive day.

On another note.

I dont want your man…
I like girls, girls, girls i do adore!

Girl! Go get your pap!!