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Friday, January 29th, 2010

Should always be a woman’s choice.

I remember having debates in 7th grade about this topic. I won both the pro/con abortion debate. I think the teacher made me argue both sides because I was super PRO choice (still am.)

I signed up for the Planned Parenthood Newsletter, you should too. Its very informative.
Christina Ricci is on the national board of VOX-Voices for Planned Parenthood. She will also be appearing in national ads for emergency contraception.

This week through my emails from PPH I learned about the 37th year anniversary for The Roe vs. Wade case. This is important for all women, read on. Men should also be happy about this case, trust me.
and Today I learned that Scott Roeder was convicted for the murder of abortion doctor George Tiller.
Read the article here, and here, and here.

Click on this ugly mug to learn more about the ugly murder.

Making babies, and having babies is a touchy subject. I know. I am sorry if I hurt your heart by speaking from mine, but just because you fucked up once by fucking, doesn’t mean you should fuck up the rest of your life. You like options and choices, so do I. Let’s protect ourselves and our rights.

Use a condom.

I do what i want!!

Charles Manson, Sharon Tate/LaBianca murders, Project MK-ULTRA

Monday, August 10th, 2009

Yesterday marked the 40th anniversary of the Sharon Tate/LaBianca murders. In honor of the murders I went to La Luz de Jesus Gallery to get schooled on insanity by Adam Gorightly. He gave a very awesome presentation pertaining to Black Magic, Mind Control and The Manson Family. There I learned more about;
Project MK-ULTRA

Sharon Tate (she was 8 1/2 months pregnant when she was killed) was married to Roman Polanski- he directed Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

Sorry that i’m keeping it a little too real, but it’ll help you understand the horrific truth that was with Charles Manson and his clan.
I got this photo from
Serial Killer Calendar

I havent fully discovered my odd fascination with the whole Manson thing, but I do know that I am not a Manson fan, nor do I have any remorse for anyone involved in any killings.

Sharon Tate’s mother Doris Tate helped make changes in the amendment of California laws for victims of violent crimes. Learn more about her foundation here; i CAN. Doris Tate made sure that Manson and his crew did not get granted parole, and hopefully it stays that way til they all die.

I do recommend people watch this movie which you can check out at your local library (weeeird.)

Helter Skelter

It’s pretty crazy knowing that The Manson family lived near where I live, -Chatsworth. eee.

“Scenes from Hendrickson ‘Manson’ documentary. Charles Manson.” (real footage)

So with all this said,
Do what you want.
Live and let live.
Dont let anyone control you.
Be happy, and dont hurt anyone.
We have to stick together and spread smiles.
Lets all help each other when we can.

Now to try to lighten things back up… Here’s an iSg photo flashback. :)

Found these photos from 2006,

RLO, CYN, —, MEL. flashback March 2006. Simi Valley, CA.
So old, and bad, but GOOD. Sexy, cheeeze, sleeaze.

RLO, CYN, Jimmy, —, MEL. flashback March 2006. Simi Valley, CA.
40th Anniversary Of Sharon Tate's Murder By The Charles Manson Gang. Charles Manson looking fool, with the iSg girls in March 2006.

Love and World Peace,