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Fuck Pads and Tampons!

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

Posted by: ZeBekgarbage

Seven menstrual cycles in and I’m finally writing about The Diva Cup.

Ima do it! What do you think?! Ahhh I'm scared. I'll tell ya all about it in a couple of weeks. Just waiting for my monthly visitor now....
Whole Foods Market. Studio City, CA.
It’s a period holder. No pads or tampons and it lasts for decades and decades! =) I’m gonna save $ and time and the environment!

Okay the the name is lame, but everything else about it is fantastic.

Reasons why I love my menstrual cup are;

  1. I purchased this once and I never have to think about $buying$ pads/tampons- ever again.
  2. Absolutely zero waste. No flushing anything, or putting anything in the trash, except your pure blood.
  3. I can beach, bike, whatever and wear short shorts with no strings attached.
  4. I only clean/change it every 12 hours!!!! How dope is that? I don’t have to worry and check or be paranoid, and ask people if they can see my pad or my blood.
  5. Women, friends and strangers ask me at work, restaurants, clubs, everywhere, “Do you have an extra pad or tampon I can have?” I always answer with a smile, “Nope sorry, I use a menstrual cup.”

Read this.
I mean, c’mon now, check out how much waste pads and tampons create-

pads, tampons, etc.pads, tampons, etc.

I’ve been using this cup for over half a year now and pads and tampons seem so outdated compared to the menstrual cup, even though the cup is damn old.

They all want one.  You should get one too!

An early version of a bell-shaped menstrual cup was patented in 1932.
Read more about menstrual cups on wiki.

At first I was scared to try something new in my pussy, but at the same time I was excited. It’s not big. When I showed it to my mom she screamed because she said it looked large, I told her I like putting way bigger things in my vagina. ;) Catch my drift? But really, it’s not as big as it seems. Promise.
Happy Earth Day! From me and my diva cup. :)

It does take some getting used to, but don’t give up after your first, second or third try! You’re trained to use pads and tampons from your first period on, so of course after many years of doing the same thing, something new might not be easy in the beginning. I got my period when I was 11 years old (and 5 mos) think of all the gross waste I’ve created since then! I’m currently 25 years (and 7 mos.) =( I’ve had 169 periods so far, but at least for the last seven of them I used a menstrual cup. :) weee!

    Using The Diva Cup

The way I get mine in is, I fold it like a taco and then I put it in my taco.
The cup is painless and once it’s in, you push it up, twist and make sure you hear/feel it open up inside you, you wont feel it in there.
Here’s an example: (Taco tounge!)
1150 22


Pulling it out is fairly easy because the diva cup is designed with a tip and little grips on it. Yes, you do have to wash your hands and get intimate with your vaginal canal, but it’s very similar to putting in and taking out a tampon.
Watch this funny video on getting the cup out of your vag. {Keep in mind that I have never filled my cup up that high. And I happen to be a seven day heavy-normal bleeder with lots of clots and tissue! Yum.}

I clean/wash it with Diva Wash.
I use Diva Wash for my Diva cup, sometimes my face and body , and also my  labia minora and majora.

So easy peasy.

A lot of my girlfriends have been turned on to the Diva Cup.

I’ll be posting more on the menstrual cup in the next few months.

Til next time! Muah!

Clean Your Vagina,
Make-up eats me too.

P.S. YES, I know it’s Earth Day! Everyday! Especially today!
Me and Toni are avoiding our cars and taking the metro/bus/bikes everywhere, today. We’re off to Venice Beach. Weeee

P.P.S. I’m on my period right now. ahh! (Love it!)