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$ Pink Dollaz $

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Posted by: ZeBekgarbage

Back in April 2009 Chris Toms showed RLOgarbage some wild songs by an all girl rap group called Pink Dollaz. RLO then forwarded me the link and like making instant chocolate pudding I was on their jock fast fast. I hit up the girls on myspace and asked to collaborate on a shoot. They were like “yeah, that’s kool.” I kept in touch with them, and nothing happened, ‘cept we became homegirls. =)
Then I see this flyer:

and I freak out (you know, RLO and I LOVE Diplo.) I hit up the girls to meet up at that show after they are done playing. Then they tell me that they met MIA while getting ready for that show. Diplo and MIA put the girls on their tracks (nothing yet released…) but be ready.

So finally I do hook up with the girls to do a photo shoot. Here are some photos Me & Josh Gallo took of them with me on make up and RLO on BTS.

.Pink Dollaz.

The girls hit me up to do make up for one of their photo shoots a couple weeks ago. They come over and hang out at my pad. I see that they left a CD on my bench. It’s LIARS new album, and I’m thinking “why the fuck is this here…” ( I LOVE LIARS!) Turns out the girls got on their album! WTF. These chicks are playing with all kinds of dope people.

Listen to Pink Dollaz jump on LIARS!

Pink Dollaz are coming up fast. They are mad stylish and I can’t wait to do more collabos with them!

Rap on Ladies!

Pink Dollaz Homegirl,