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Because I’m one Bad Mutha…

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Posted by: RLOgarbage and ZeBekgarbage

Entry for Kigurumi-Shop Contest.

Click on this link and hit LIKE. Merci!!!/photo.php?fbid=231717043553389&set=a.230842860307474.58839.126304854094609&type=1&theater

Love, and Thank you!
ZeBek y RLO
Me and RLO in our hot Kigurumi gear. People kept asking, RLO ordered them from Japan. :)

P.S. If RLO wins she’s going to take some crazy ass photos in her new trophy costume.
HELP! All you gotta do is press like.

Comic-Con 2011 Recap! Part One.

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Posted by: ZeBekgarbage

I was lucky to be able to attend Comic-con with a Professional all week pass thanks to RLO and Paul T. because they are animators with a hook up. This was my 3rd or 4th time attending and it was pretty much the usual, except I saved a lot of money this year. If you know about Comic-con then you know its always an expensive weekend. Hotels and restaurants jack up their prices and this doesn’t include people who have to pay for their passes, and all the crap you end up buying at the Con. You also know that Comic-con happens at the San Diego convention center, which is the “24th largest convention facility in North America.”- Wiki

One year I ended up spending over $400 in a Comic-con weekend, WHAT THE FUCK! So for this year I told myself I’d only go if i could spend zero-$100. Being that I’m fucken suave and savvy as hell, I succeeded!

-Car ride there with friends (RLO)- $5
-Comic-con passes from friend (RLO)- Free
-Waterfront Hotel across the street from the con from friend (cant name names)- Free
-Food- $75 (for the whole weekend.)
-Crap I bought from the con (Tokidoki tote)- $5
-Booze- Free (happy men like buying me drinks.)

Um, and that concludes my short bill of an AWESOME weekend. Thank you sooo soo much to my amazing friends, you know who you are.

So even though I got sick the day before going to San Diego, and even though I got my monster flow of a period on the last day of San Diego I really can not complain, I had a wonderful carefree weekend.

Here are the photos for now, more to come later tonight-
(click on them for more info, or hover over for a little blurb about the photo.)

No me gusta.  I thought it would taste like berry flavor like in England, but this was more like a Dirty Martini, green olive flavors. Not bad if you like that kind of Wodka.


Me and RLO in our hot Kigurumi gear. People kept asking, RLO ordered them from Japan. :)

Wigs, for Cosplay or what have you.

I like the body make up.

Godzilla is going to Kill Comic-Con!

It was a LONG trek getting here. I will prob. Amtrak to SD and ride back with friends for Comic-con.

I woke up from a wonderful nap to this wonderful view.  So happy.

Day old pizza! I'll have it for lunch, in bed.

me and CARo at the Disney party.

Going home.  We drove on 10 diff. freeways and it only took us 2.5 hrs to get home. RLO navigated, CTOMs drove, me and the others napped and day dreamed.

Nerd Alert,
Me and RLO in our hot Kigurumi gear. People kept asking, RLO ordered them from Japan. :)