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I have been diagnosed with Wanderlust.

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Posted by: Zebekgarbage

Next stop Saint Barthélemy?

This post goes out to Tim, CYNgarbage, and David S. Field. (My Caribbean Cruise partners.)

We saw gators in FL, and Shame Old Lady in Jamaica!!
(click below, so amazing!)

I made a friend in JA. he runs his own travel agency so if any of you want to visit JAmaica mon, lemme know! We saw a rasta man in a tree, and we ate jerk chicken, jerk pork, and jerk fish. Photos coming soon. Can you tell out of Key West, FL, Grand Cayman, and Jamaica that JA was my fav.? ahh! I vant to go back!

I’m super tanned, heeey. and after all that gluttony work on the boat, I’m in work out mode. woah. I have much updating to do with photos, and hopefully vids soon. I actually got so fucken drunk off white henney that I left my FLIP cam in the car in JA. I contacted the homie in JA and he found it! I should have some footage up sometime soon. Till then, enjoy these videos.

<3 ZeBek:. The crew for our cruise vacation.

To all my fav. Scorpios.

GOING TO NEW YORK on June 9th-12th. Hit me up and take me out!

Heeere, little mermaid. Come here. I want to splash with ya

Friday, May 13th, 2011

Posted by ZeBekgarbage:.

Alright ya’ll, the time has come again… for me to temporarily abondon you, but not for too long. This time my vacation will only run wild from one saturday to the next. I’m going to make this a long post so you can take your sweet ass time and come back and forth on me, I mean my zine.

I am going on a cruise with a few homies and we’ll be hitting the Caribbean!
Cruise Itinerary:
– Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Gonna search for some Alligators!
– Key West, Florida.
-George Town, Grand Cayman.
-Ocho Rios, Jamaica.
-Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. We’re gonna tour the city with 1OddGentleman.
and finally HOME sweet love filled HOME.

This will be my second time on a cruise. My first time was only a weekend long cruise to Mejico, and damn was that a crazy weekend/cruise!
See (innocent) photos:
My favorite picture from the trip! Muy Fuerte! ( oh, so strooong.)

watching the SUNSET! Story of my life.

A way to sneak a hurrican on a boat.  NOt good. Tasted like mouthwash....

and this won’t be my first time in the Caribbean either! I’ve hit Puerto Rico, and man were the people just as yummy looking as the food was tasty!
See photos-"while you bitches be freezin. we be tannin in the sun and gettin crunk on rummmm"- RLO

We saw this beeach and had no fear, even with the huge rocks and crazy waves.

Oh man, i crave this stuff. Puerto Rican food by RLO's nina. omg....

So here’s the music my mentality is goind to grind to while i’m in food comas, sleep comas, and dance comas…

You ain’t gotta tell me to take lotsa photos, because you know I always do… its the posting them up part that i tend to lag with. I’m also going to be recording some stuff like i did while i was in England and Morocco just recently. I gave my footage to my favorite editor- SaraLandas and here’s what she came up with! Watch each video, they are only 10-20 seconds long.

Soon soon, we’ll have a full video to share with you. I’m into showing you mine, and looking at yours, so let’s keep the adventures coming!

Love the World,
Issued by the American Consulate in Marseille, France.