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Fancy non porno, porno. Goalz.

Thursday, October 8th, 2015

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It’s hard to be mad at rappers sometimes even tho the shit they be saying can be really problematic (or nah), but I feel their pain. It’s very immature, and they’ve got to be so ego about everything= success. So they say things just to (try to) hurt the ones who hurt them. But if you think about it, they’re putting themselves on blast, and if you’re evolved enough (something you gotta forever work on), the shit they be saying (if it’s about you), wont hurt so much.

I am fresh outta a relationship, and I realized I’m a grown ass woman. I’ve matured in love/life. For the first time ever I’m not hurt or broken by a break up. I feel like I was so lucky to have experienced that much joy and pleasure, and the pain (of break up- not my choice, which also happened two days after my grandma died) was worth it. I’m really more full of love now, than ever before. I used to be like a broken rapper, I’m cold, baby, ice cold. But now, not really, not so much, not at all. I wanna love, and laugh and play, and just, BE. LOVE. Like all the gob damn time. Gimme love, I want it, I want to give it to you, to the world. I ain’t talking about sex, although I love that shit too, I’m talking about the simple act of kindness, and answering bids, and non-attachment, but also, non-abandonment. #hippieshit #LoveSexDreams

gaspar noé compares love to hard drugs

“”Ultimately though, “the best moments of my life have been moments of love,” a rather romantic Noé conceded. “These carnal moments of hugging, kissing, fucking with someone you’re obsessed with.””




Me- every Weeknd, now.

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015