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Where to begin!?

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

When you’re on a mission to SAVE THE WORLD , like I am, it becomes very overwhelming to know where to begin. So I propose you start by looking at yourself – inside and out. Big changes need to be made and the small step toward progress begins with you. Just follow my diagram:

I know a lot of you like to eat makeup. Making yourself look presentable and beautiful before stepping out the door is a big component of becoming a better person because it helps to build self-confidence and all that other good stuff. But before you grab that new eyeliner or spritz yourself with perfume, check your shizzle here.
YOU NEED TO BOOKMARK THIS PAGE. Try to check everything you have and use with Cosmetics Database if you don’t want to look kooky like Courtney Love on any day:

Cosmetics Database is run by the Environmental Working Group which is a non-profit organization that does a lottttttttt of research on things. You can search for personal care items that you use on a regular basis and see how harmful or not they are to you and your body. If you find that what you’re using is really bad (like, 7 to 10 on their scale with the score in a red circle), you should consider searching for an alternative via more searching through their website! I think the site itself is pretty explanatory. It all goes back to you taking care of yourself first.

To check and see that you guys are holding up your end of the bargain as good readers, post a comment telling me what rating your favorite product (ie: shampoopies, makeups, toothpastes, etc.) got according to Cosmetics Database and what you’re going to do about it (ie: “keep it because it’s great!” or “dump it because I’ma get a tumor on my face!”). I will chose a random winner and send you a nice surprise. =)

(no, it’s not gonna be Andy’s or Justin’s cockadoodles in a box…)

Last week’s winner was Anon11. Congratz! I’m still working on your 32¢. It’s hard collecting change when you don’t drink soda, you know.

Happy Hunting,
LYNette knows best