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Lincoln vs. Darwin= 02-12-1809= <3

Friday, February 12th, 2010

Lincoln wins in my book.

Today is Abraham Lincoln’s birfdate. (February 12, 1809 – April 15, 1865)
Abe’s birthday twin is Charles Robert Darwin (12 February 1809 – 19 April 1882)
They were born on the same exact date! How koool.

My birfdate twin (not the sister that came out of my moms vagina 18 min after me.) is
Pete Cashmore! (born September 18, 1985)

Is it wrong that i want to watch my birthday twin fuck/make love to Alicia Keys? Look at Pete Cashmore! He’s soo sexxxy.

If i could marry any chick right now i’d choose Alicia Keys. She’s sexxxy as sex too!!
i cant wait for her new video to come out for Put It In A Love Song I love that song because i love cheese! yummy.

My mini tribute for today’s special day. (click on the photos to read my captions, or just hover over them like youre Marty McFly.)

See!!!! iSCREAMgarbage is EVERYWHERE! Titties. Ice Cream. Abe Lincoln. XXx. I swear i didnt set this up. CRazy!

Happy bifdate Abraham Lincoln! Fuck all you ho's, who are like "lincoln was a racist, he freed the slaves."

Marilyn photo $5, Abe Book $2, Abe post card pre 40's .50 cents. Yes! stayed under 10$

The 2 men of my life. Samhain & Abe.<3

Today is Abraham Lincoln's Birfdate!!!

CATMAN! Dont be scurred, its just a pussy.

So i'm buying coffee ice cream inside, deja comes yelling that Abe is outside and i'm like whaaa? and i rush out and WTF?!!! iSCREAMgarbage IS everywhere.:.

Lincoln melts my icy cold heart. The reason why is crazy. Longish story that i’ll turn into one sentence for now.

I was Abe Lincoln’s psychic in one of my past lives.

Lincoln Lover,
iSg shirt.

Press Play to laugh.