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I Want Cunnilingus.

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

I sleep like a queen on a queen every night. During these dark times (you know, cause the sun is gone) I ponder and ponder til I finally catch the zZz’s and start some real living. In these ponderous times I think of things, and I think of people, ha, I think of nouns.
A noun i can’t stop thinking about off and on like a haunted light switch is Chris Cunningham. He’s young. He’s beautiful. He’s brilliant.

I am curious about what it would be like to fall asleep next to this guy every day/night. What does he think about to wind down? What does he think about while he’s REMing. What does he think about to get himself out of bed? I want to eat hemp cereal with him, I want to shampoo his dirty hair, I want to pair his white socks.
For now, i’ll just go on living like a robot with feelings that feel unreal. And I will sleep like a queen on my queen next to my big black cat, and my mini stack of etiquette books.

Just watch his work and tell me he doesn’t leave you in awe as well.




Le Sigh,
.:drama 4 yo mama:.