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AVN Show and Expo

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Posted by: ZeBekgarbage

I will be flying to Las Vegas, NV tonight to attend the AVN show and expo. Vegas is one of my fav. places for committing my favorite sin, Gluttony!

For now here are some photos from my 2009 AVN trip,

i  LYKKE LI cking

Self portrait. I love fancy mirrors.

You may remember me from such shows as
MTV’s True Life: I work in the sex industry.
(MTV’s longest running show.)
Good times, zero pay. =P

True LifeMTV ShowsFull Episodes

Partying with porn stars would not be such a chore if I wasn’t missing two of my classes…. Ah, the reality of balancing a career and college. I am extremely excited about some meetings we have scheduled though, so that makes up for the added stress of missing school.

I can’t wait to finish reading The Hunger Games, book two, in my big hotel bed, whilst drinking tea.

More to cum!

not my dream car. one of my future cars. I'm glossy like an Aston Martin.