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I’m a fan of the word Pussy. Pussy, pussy, pussy.

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Posted by: ZeBekgarbage

This song is not girl power. THANK you AndrĂ© 3k (“You were perfect before you went on a diet.”) for sort of throwing in some girlie power in there. :)

“I went away for a while…”
Fool, where’d ya go? Jail? Fuck other bitches? and home-girl is supposed to just kick it and wait?
I’m not that type of girl that’s gonna sit around and wait, it ain’t going to lick itself.

so here’s this via Crystal Ann of The Hippie Tree

Speaking of pussy… I got mine lasered so i wouldn’t be as furry. Thankfully some fur is growing back but its still all super soft and tamed and the bikini area is furless. whew! The fall/winter is coming fast and I want to be ready!

Pretty pussy pictures-


Pussy Power!