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International. Thats how I like my food and that’s how I like my Women!

Monday, March 8th, 2010

You think I, of all people forgot about International Women’s Day? Hell no. I was just too busy PMS napping. mmm. Deep slumbers before I begin monstrating are ze Best.
While we’re on this subject watch this short FUNNY cartoonie please please please! WATCH ME IF YOU WANT TO LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH.
I stole this video from Star’s FB.
Read our FB comments about this video (after you watch link above)-

ZeBekgarbage: that fucken bitch! ONly thing about her i like is she’s the best messanger- always on point with telling me i’m NOT preggos, and he’s NOT the father. ;)

This cartoon is excellent. I’ve always wanted to do one, i’m glad someone else did!

feel better- warm towels, or like someone recently told me… warm tortillas work too…….
oh! and masturbating or cumming helps, it forces the tissue out faster which equals less pain for you. =0
January 28 at 5:04pm

·Star Castro: yeah jerkin off last night seriously helped!!!!
January 28 at 6:11pm

Star is awesome! Watch her in action-
See Star twinkling. (its only a min. long. sooo worth it!!)

Soo I want to introduce to you Wilma. Noope, not the Wilma Flintstone we all ate as children,

I am talking about Wilma Rudolph.

Click on the link above and read about her.
She was born a premie baby, she was always a sick child and she became the first American woman to win 3 GOLD medals in the 1960’s Rome Olympics for track and field. She raced out of the womb to be able to one day say, she was the fastest lady on Earth. Fucken dope!
I’m sure she didnt get to enjoy her Gold in every town either. =(
Remember The Freedom Rides? Well I highly suggest you pay $10 and park for FREE at the Skirball to see Breach of Peace: Photographs of Freedom Riders by Eric Etheridge.

Shhh, here’s a photo i was able to sneak…
After youre done with this exhibit theres a FREE photo booth and paper for you to post what you’d ride for. Mine says ONE LOVE.

NOW- for some fast honorable mentions. ;)

See, LYNette does know best!

ANNND! You all know my love Deja. I talk about her all the time! =)
So, last week TARINA TARANTINO launched her first ever make-up line exclusively at Sephora, and Deja is in the fucken ad’s!! I can actually say, “thats my homegirl!” I was so excited, the register chick just looked at me like, “okay give me back the magazine.” When you go to Sephora look thru the Tarina book and spot Deja standing tall and beautiful on the first page. <3 You go girl!!!!

Ladies, let me leave you with this,
We have to get along. We have to stick together. We have to love each other. Women, imagine this… if we all worked together? We could totally take over the world. C’mon, lets not hate on each other. =)
Lets make love, lesbian style. <3

Women make the world go ’round,
.:drama 4 yo mama:.


Friday, January 29th, 2010

Should always be a woman’s choice.

I remember having debates in 7th grade about this topic. I won both the pro/con abortion debate. I think the teacher made me argue both sides because I was super PRO choice (still am.)

I signed up for the Planned Parenthood Newsletter, you should too. Its very informative.
Christina Ricci is on the national board of VOX-Voices for Planned Parenthood. She will also be appearing in national ads for emergency contraception.

This week through my emails from PPH I learned about the 37th year anniversary for The Roe vs. Wade case. This is important for all women, read on. Men should also be happy about this case, trust me.
and Today I learned that Scott Roeder was convicted for the murder of abortion doctor George Tiller.
Read the article here, and here, and here.

Click on this ugly mug to learn more about the ugly murder.

Making babies, and having babies is a touchy subject. I know. I am sorry if I hurt your heart by speaking from mine, but just because you fucked up once by fucking, doesn’t mean you should fuck up the rest of your life. You like options and choices, so do I. Let’s protect ourselves and our rights.

Use a condom.

I do what i want!!


Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Sasha Grey Promotes Animal Birth Control
Read More.

Here’s my baby Samhain,

(I dont have too much sex, but i’m still on the pill!)
This song goes out to you.
I wanna fuck fuck fuck, like IMA ROBOT.

bunnies and love,

My Trip to the Gyno.

Monday, January 18th, 2010

MMM, does that make you want to eat a gyro with extra tzatziki?

ZeBek’s Papanicolaou test

Finally got my pap done. Twas fun times, sorta….

I personally prefer a female doctor because who better to test my vagina than a female with a vagina? Plus, i know girls finger gently. ;)

Oh man, STD’s are scary. Luckily i have had ZERO run ins with them. Unfortunately STD’s are “normal”, which means you getting a pap done regularly should also be normal.

So they make you get nakies, on the left is my fancy top, and to the right are my bottoms. No buttons, zippers, nothing- easy access. ;) Oh yeah, and thats where your feet go.

Here are the tools they use to learn more about your vagina. Theres the plastic clamps, =( eeek. And the pipe cleaner which they twist around you inside (ouchie.) Sometimes you get spotting because they have to make sure they get enough specimen.

OH man, here’s what she got outta my vagina, my specimen. Can you see the tissue/blood?

Then after this the nurse or doctor fingers you gently to feel around and make sure its all working inside. They also feel you up for breast lumps. Its a lot of action, and everything happens so fast. In and out. So not like porno, but yes, but nooo.

So here’s a photo of how much your cooter can open! Eek, i’m not having babies til i’m 31.

Then i went downstairs to get my bloodwork done. They check for other stuff via your blood. Like HIV. (i’m not scared of needles.) My arm is still bruised tho, looks like i tried H. ew! But at least i’ll know whats going on inside my blood stream.

You wanna get inside my box? Well know this first, (can you handle my box?)

Alright, so after all this fun madness i got coffee, went to work, and after work i saw this!

I must say it was a productive day.

On another note.

I dont want your man…
I like girls, girls, girls i do adore!

Girl! Go get your pap!!

World AIDS Day! is Today!

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Check this site for more info.- World Aids Day

HIV+ mother with neweborn baby to whom the virus was not passed thanks to appropriate drugs being used to prevent mother to child transmission, and the use of baby formula instead of mother’s milk, Cambodia.”

I actually know people who have died from AIDS. My mom is a “caregiver” and works with people and kids who arent lucky enough to be “healthy” like most of us. Its odd knowing someone, and then knowing someone who died of AIDS.

If you want to see a good movie and Angelina Jolie’s tits and ass (she has a little ass, great tits tho she also gets AIDS.) watch this:

I use MAC Cosmetics for some stuff. They help people too. Check the site! (Escpecially if you love make-up like meee.)
Check out their MAC AIDS Fund.

AIDS can happen to anyone, just like pregnancy.
Get tested yo.

Click around all these sites and do your own research. Learn something and maybe help someone or yourself.

Quick story,
When I was 15 years old riding the metro bus to work (next stop! Norfridge Plaza!) I met a Vet in a wheel chair. We got to talking, and he told me about how the U.S. has a cure for AIDS and its in Texas. Thats all i’m allowed to say. Just saying.

Love Cures All (if this is true, let’s make more love and cure AIDS!)

Planned Parenthood was iSg’s first real sponsor when i was 16 years old and released the first issue.

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

They gave me a big box of goodies to give away with my zine. Condoms and good stuff alike.
Now I will support them, and you should too. They are awesome as far as I know.

Sign this.
Girls: Just because you FUCKed up, doesn’t mean you have to be fucked for life.
Boys: You never know when youre gonna get the wrong bitch pregnant.

zero abortions to date, but i still like options,
Playing dress up w/ my twin sister. The baby's name- Violette.

Clean Your Vagina.

Monday, September 14th, 2009

Photo: ZeBek

It’s almost time for me to get my yearly pap smear done for this year, so I was thinking I’d share some info. about my Vagina, and putangs in general. I’m going to keep this small and sweet.

I LOVE getting face, and I’ve given face a few times.
Vaginas should never taste or smell fishy.
meow. Can you tell I'm going through a fishy phase?Photo: ZeBek

Women, I believe it is our duty to maintain that Vaginas are awesome! Yes, sometimes our pussies smell funky, but NOT most of the time. I know when I exercise, my cooter can smell a bit sour, but thats what showers are for.
I’m a Virgo so I love keeping clean. My pussy is known for being primp and proper.
I’m not huge on hair down there so I’ve been getting it lasered. (Worth every penny.) Some hair is hot too, though.
You are not supposed to use harsh soaps or perfumes to clean your puss. I use The DivaWash to clean my flower.
I make sure that I hit my puss gently with lots of water so it stays au naturel.
If possible right when you get out of the shower jump on someones face, make them lick it and eat it, come, then clean again and go on with your day or night.
Also, if you’re a kinky ass hot bitch, or always on the go, carry unscented baby wipes in your purse. If you’re at the club, or traveling the world and can’t shower, yet the opportunity arises for you to receive yummy oral sex, bust out your wipeys and clean that ish. Everyone will be happy in the end.


Fast and easy to read. Healthy Vaginas.

Pretty Pictures of Pussies:




Listen & Learn,

Spread vagina
love and juice.

ZeBek Reports on Masturing of the Bating

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

Hi Zebek! My name is Casey and Im a huge fan and I was wondering if I could ask you a question for your zine. I feel super guilty after I masturbate but I always find myself back at it. Is this normal and are there any longterm side effects to doing the dirty? Thanks!

-So I’m not sure if questions like this are real or not, but I will answer them as if they are legit. =P –

ZeBek says:
I will answer your question with a question. Why the hell would you feel guilty about masturbating? If you can answer this I’m sure I can answer your question better. :)

I know in my case if I don’t cum for a long time I start having dirty dreams including vampire orgies and I wake up realizing I’m humping my pillow. I don’t recommend you go a long time with out making some Jamaican jerk. ;)

Nothing will happen if you masturbate except that you may cum.

Now, if you’re having naughty thoughts about kids or animals while you masturbate then you better feel dirty and gross and guilty and after these feelings make sure to click this link.

So know that masturbation is normal. Your mom and dad probably do it, together and separately. Don’t feel bad about it. And when you do feel like shit over it just think of how pretty much every adult in your life does it and maybe someone is thinking of you while they are touching themselves. True story, ask around. =)
For more info. check out this site Go Ask Alice , or email me ( )


.ZeBek Reports.

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

I am a huge fan of Alfred C. Kinsey.

Watch the movie! Kinsey.
I thought my interest in sex and sexual behavior and all things sex was normal, but I think i’m more into learning about sex than the average person. I used to check out all kinds of books and magazines from the library when i was very young. I remember being upset when everyone was laughing in 4th grade during sex ed. I was trying to pay close attention and the giggles were too much. Which is why I had to do research on my own.

I’ve decided that I have way too much of this sex info. just stored in my head so I might as well share it with you. And if you have some sex info. you think I might find enlightening please do share it with me.

I will be accepting questions for this zine for ZeBek Reports, -titled in honor of the Kinsey Reports.
You can
email me at
facebook me
or myspace me .
Of course if you wish you can remain Anonymous.

My first question is from David Romo of Briefcase Scenario

p.s. LADIES!! He is Single! ;)
and he co-owns Double Million Records.

David Romo:
why do I cry every-time I orgasm? is it something I should be worried about?
July 15 at 2:04pm ·

no way! thats normal! Crying helps realese these invisible emotions in your eyes. Thats why you should never hold back from crying because then youre going to hold those emotions and explode one day. And then if that happens what are we gonna do w/ the romo meat? i’m trying to go pescatarian yo! xoxo
July 15 at 2:24pm

But really you guys. I’m serious. Help me help you. Ask me any sex question and i’ll answer them all in a serious manner.

Love and World Peace,