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The garbage girls are movin’ on up!

Friday, March 9th, 2012

Posted by: ZeBekgarbage

CYN just bought a haus! Holy Cow! with a pool! She’s going to name one of the guest rooms after me. :)

LYNette was just accepted into YALE! and three other colleges she applied to for Masters programs in environmental management.

Wherever you decide to go, I would love a tour, like we did at Berkeley in 2009.

Here’s Me, LYNette, Caro and Paul. We have protected the innocent, so they are not fully pictured.

Thank you LYNette for leading us on a tour of your college, Berkeley. <3
Sather Gate

Sticking iSg around campus.

Bootay on the mascot.

The Campanile is still closed (repairs.)

Sitting on a log bench by VLSB

Outside Sproul Hall where the Freespeach Movement began.

I love my crew.
Bootay on the mascot.

My Cake School

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Posted by: ZeBekgarbage Via LYNette knows best

LYNette sent me a link to Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes which she found because shes a great cook who is always on the look for yummy recipes. This is a pretty website with photos and videos of yummy foods. I love when people share their knowledge.

How to Make a Cake with Zebra Stripes on the Inside!









I love cake!
i was seriously horny over my cake

P.S. My birthday is coming up! Next month. :) Who wants to take me to a fancy, beautiful, expensive dinner?

Summer time is right around the corner, and that means sun, sun, SUN!!!

Monday, June 20th, 2011

Posted by: LYNette

Make sure to protect yourself while catching rays. FDA just announced that all sunscreens 15 SPF and above will have to protect against UVA and UVB rays. Sunscreens will have to say that it provides “Broad Spectrum” protection.

A good, natural tan is sexy. Artificial orange glow and skin cancer… not so much…
(Snooki from “Jersey Shore” with fake tan… nastyness!)


Skin Cancer Types – take your pick!

Rock them freckles!


Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

Posted by: ZeBekgarbage

Hawaii Vacation Sale. I love these emails, if i didn’t have to pay for that stupid $500 speeding ticket in January i would so be on this shiz right now.


via LYNette-
Breast Milk Ice Cream Seized From London Store : The Two-Way : NPR

Via Deja Mae-
ZeBek this reminded me of you.
haha I love her, “…it still moves.”

and TWO very important birthdays are today and for those in the future yesterday too.

CARo and Escargot!

This is how you should be by the end of your bday party. hahaha.

Escargot! RLO's man. The hottest yet.

Actor Mickey Rooney Testifies About Abuse Before Congress

John Galliano Trial- Updated Wednesday 2 March 6.04pm.

Oosagi! and mi. <3 baby love. my baby love.

Let It Be

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

Posted by: LYNette

I think the Beatles said it best in their song, “Let It Be.”

You hair is beautiful just the way it is. Sesame Street made that pretty clear to little girls (young and old) a few weeks ago with this song:

And let your hair loose and natural for a change. Pass the Brazilian Blow Out , especially if you love your hair stylist.

“According to a study done by USC’s School of Medicine in 2001, women who use hair dyes at least once a month for a year are twice as likely to develop bladder cancer than women who do not. And in the long run, women who use hair dye for 15 years or more are at triple the risk.”

I propose you refrain from coloring your hair and using product… even if it’s for a few days. See how it feels to let your hair FREE! And natural can be sexy – I LOVE my sex hair!

In fact, I really do like the color of my dark brown – almost black – Asian hair. But I also can’t wait until I grow old and it turns peppery. Gives you character – like a well-aged wine. And I promise not to complain if I have premature graying!

Love those Tresses,


Long Time No See! It’s Plastic Plastic Plastic!

Friday, June 11th, 2010

Posted by: LYNette

Hi all!
Sorry I’ve been AWOL for so long. I missed the Zine! Good news and bad news, folks.

Good: I got a job!

Bad: I moved to NJ… The armpit of the East Coast…



Remember how I went to college and got my degrees in environmental policy and entomology?

(That’s me and The Dean.)

Well, I tried to get a job in SF dealing with environmental policy but failed. At the end of the day, the buglies saved me – I am now working as a research entomologist for a mid-sized private pest control company. Before you stop reading and being my friend, the company I work for is NOT Terminix or Orkin. It’s a family-owned company where they are very conscious of the environment, and are always looking for ways to reduce pesticide use… hence why they wanted yours truly!

My job as a research entomologist is to “streamline and increase efficiencies of operations” – that is, make everyone better at what they do and more knowledgeable in their fields, and experiment with new ways to control buglies. Good stuffs so far, everyone. And I will occasionally post things that I think are neat about my work or bugs.
NJ is not Cali… Feel free to mail me pieces of home! I am an hour away from NYC and Philly, so I have a lot of x-plooring to do (pixtures to follow at some point).

On to bigger and more important things. I hope everyone’s heard about the BP oil spill in the Gulf of MexMex.

Imagine most of the area looking like this:

Oil spills are never cool. They are death for our environment in so many ways, even 20 years after it’s happened (like, the Exxon-Valdez spill in Alyeska. The Gulf of Mexico already deals with an immense amount of environmental stress:

1. Hypoxia causing deadzones because residue from agricultural pesticides and fertilizers from Midwestern states drain into the Mississippi Delta into the Gulf. Imagine if the ocean were rotting and all the fish and goodness in the sea die because there’s no oxygen to breathe – that’s what the “deadzone” is.

2. Urban development throughout the Gulf coast in Louisiana and Alabama and the loss of wetlands. There are lots of nutrients and plants because the freshwater from the Mississippi River mingles with the salty ocean water to provide habitat for a diverse species of animals, especially birds and fish. Wetlands also provide a natural barrier to buffer hurricanes and floods – experts KNOW that Katrina would not have been so devastating if the Big Easy had more wetlands.

3. Fishing, fisheries, etc. A lot of seafood comes from the Gulf, and is harvested in a sustainable way and supports many local fishers and families. However, the larger fisheries and clam diggers deplete the fish from the region via bottom trawling and ruin the underwater landscape by destroying habitat for various marine life.
All that with oil on top and under the waters! So the BP corporate heads and engineer geeks think they have the situation all under control – highly, highly doubtful. The oil industry has spent millions of dollars on over 700 lobbyists in Washington, DC to convince our senators and congressmen that off-shore drilling is a necessity.

So what can we do? Use less petroleum products! I’m not just talking about driving fuel-efficient cars. I’m talking about not using one-time plastic water bottles, bringing your own stylish reusable bags to the grocery store AND to other stores (like when you shop for clothes and stuff), and cutting back on the amount of plastic products you buy.

Plastic isn’t classy, folks. Stick with wood or metal! Plastic bags are officially banned from California. – kinda. I highly advise you to B.Y.O.B. – Bring Your Own Bag – to stores because they’ll only have paper or you’ll be charged a nickel for each plastic bag you use. Think that’s harsh? A lot of other countries throughout Europe and Asia have been doing this for years! We’re just now catching up (California, that is). 19 billion plastic bags are used every year in California alone!

Here are some cool ways you can upcycle plastic bags to make an iSG-esque fashion statement:

If you have bottled water in your fridge, shame on you. I hope you at least re-use and recycle those bottles. This, I’ll save for another post.
Leave me a comment and welcome me back! I will send you non-plastic “garbage.”

I love you all, and I’ve missed my soap box so so much…

Back on the Soap Box,

Thoughts on Ragtime

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Posted by: LYNette

…Not the music.
Tying on to ZeBek’s previous train of thought I came across a pretty interesting article in the Washington Post yesterday about the environmental impacts of “feminine-care products” (ie: maxi pads with wings and mmm-bop tampons).

Interesting stats:
1. The average woman menstruates for 38 years.
2. Over these 38 years, one person is expected to generate around 62,415 POUNDS OF GARBAGE!
2.5. (The average American woman weighs 163 pounds…62,415 pounds = about 383 women = 766 boobies!)
3. The average woman throws away 250-300 pounds of pads, tampons, and applicators during her lifetime.
4. 300 pounds of girlie trash is only about 0.5% of 62,415 pounds.

…so we shouldn’t feel bad about being on the rag. Kudos to those who use tampons, especially without applicators – o.b. estimates that its tampons create 58% less waste because they don’t have applicators.

This is a 1,725 pound pumpkin.

Stay away from plastic! It can take up to 1000 years for plastic garbage to even BEGIN decomposing. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want weird aliens sniffing my garbage long after I’m gone.

There are tons of other options, like GladRags and DivaCups. I can’t say much about these reusable alternatives because I’ve never tried them myself – I’m quite satisfied with my NatraCare organic cotton tampons, without applicators of course.

Post a comment about what you do during your ragtime, and I’ll send you a free (unused) box of my preferred tampons!

On a separate note: Sara! If you’re out there, I’m looking for you! Please email your mailing address to to claim your iSG giveaway for your awesome, awesome comment a few weeks ago!

Over & Out!

Oscar the Grouch

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Posted by: LYNette

If you’re anything like me, then you probably learned your ABC’s by watching Sesame Street. Oscar the Grouch was one of the main characters that confused me a lot because he lived in a garbage can.

In retrospect, I think we should all be like Oscar – he’s got this “sustainability” thing completely figured out!
There’s another Oscar who seems to care about being green…

James Cameron’s honey bunny Suzy Amis hosted this fashion contest, Red Carpet Green Dress. The dress she wore to the Oscars last weekend (above photo) was designed by the winner. The coolest thing about this sustainable a dress is that it was made out of ahimsa (peace) silk .

There’s a bit of controversy over whether the pupa inside the cocoon dies or not in the process of making ahimsa silk. Nevertheless, it’s about raising awareness, gaining knowledge, and changing behaviors. So if any of you decide to garb yourself in silk, please consider even the little ones on this earth!
Yet another reason to thank insects for the sacrifices and gifts they make for us.

Just for fun: Can you see the Orchid Mantis???

Over & Out


International. Thats how I like my food and that’s how I like my Women!

Monday, March 8th, 2010

You think I, of all people forgot about International Women’s Day? Hell no. I was just too busy PMS napping. mmm. Deep slumbers before I begin monstrating are ze Best.
While we’re on this subject watch this short FUNNY cartoonie please please please! WATCH ME IF YOU WANT TO LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH.
I stole this video from Star’s FB.
Read our FB comments about this video (after you watch link above)-

ZeBekgarbage: that fucken bitch! ONly thing about her i like is she’s the best messanger- always on point with telling me i’m NOT preggos, and he’s NOT the father. ;)

This cartoon is excellent. I’ve always wanted to do one, i’m glad someone else did!

feel better- warm towels, or like someone recently told me… warm tortillas work too…….
oh! and masturbating or cumming helps, it forces the tissue out faster which equals less pain for you. =0
January 28 at 5:04pm

·Star Castro: yeah jerkin off last night seriously helped!!!!
January 28 at 6:11pm

Star is awesome! Watch her in action-
See Star twinkling. (its only a min. long. sooo worth it!!)

Soo I want to introduce to you Wilma. Noope, not the Wilma Flintstone we all ate as children,

I am talking about Wilma Rudolph.

Click on the link above and read about her.
She was born a premie baby, she was always a sick child and she became the first American woman to win 3 GOLD medals in the 1960’s Rome Olympics for track and field. She raced out of the womb to be able to one day say, she was the fastest lady on Earth. Fucken dope!
I’m sure she didnt get to enjoy her Gold in every town either. =(
Remember The Freedom Rides? Well I highly suggest you pay $10 and park for FREE at the Skirball to see Breach of Peace: Photographs of Freedom Riders by Eric Etheridge.

Shhh, here’s a photo i was able to sneak…
After youre done with this exhibit theres a FREE photo booth and paper for you to post what you’d ride for. Mine says ONE LOVE.

NOW- for some fast honorable mentions. ;)

See, LYNette does know best!

ANNND! You all know my love Deja. I talk about her all the time! =)
So, last week TARINA TARANTINO launched her first ever make-up line exclusively at Sephora, and Deja is in the fucken ad’s!! I can actually say, “thats my homegirl!” I was so excited, the register chick just looked at me like, “okay give me back the magazine.” When you go to Sephora look thru the Tarina book and spot Deja standing tall and beautiful on the first page. <3 You go girl!!!!

Ladies, let me leave you with this,
We have to get along. We have to stick together. We have to love each other. Women, imagine this… if we all worked together? We could totally take over the world. C’mon, lets not hate on each other. =)
Lets make love, lesbian style. <3

Women make the world go ’round,
.:drama 4 yo mama:.

If animals could speak to us…

Friday, March 5th, 2010

… What would they say?

This week, I watched “The Cove.”

It’s an amazing movie about a village in Japan where the “fishermen” round up and kill a bunch of dolphins for their meat, and how the Japanese government keeps it a secret from the Japanese people and the world, and how one fiery old man groups an “army” to put an end to the dolphin killing spree. I learned a lot about how smart these animals are, and how animals should be respected within nature rather than being trained and studied for our entertainment. Watch, learn, and cry. And DON’T wait for it on Netflix!

Plus, it’s gonna win an Oscar for “Best Documentary.” I know this for a fact.

And if you don’t feel guilty about going to Sea World when you were a little kid after watching this movie, then you’re not even human.

Congrats to Anon11! (again) Where are the rest of you readers?!? At this rate, Anon11 is gonna become my pen pal in real life! (Your surprise will be on its way shortly!) For this week’s reading challenge, post a comment about something you’re passionate about and what you’ve done or will do with that passion.

On sushi hiatus,