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It’s the Thought That Counts, Right?

Friday, December 25th, 2009

A few years ago when i had a boyfriend (MR.) he made me feel like absolute crap for a bit. It was quite funny too. See our gift exchange during xmas was straight out of an episode from FULL HOUSE. I loved that show when i was a wee babe.
Anyway, so this fool comes to my apt. at fucken 7:30 am or some crazy bullshit like that (i love sleeeezZzeep!) and he’s holding all kinds of awesome gifts and coffee * le sigh* for me. We’d only been together for like two months, and he was a rich kid. So watch this whole episode or just the part that happend to me, MR. is DJ Tanner, and I’m the boyfriend- 6:25-7:15.

So he got me “expensive thoughtful” gifts, and i got him as he said it,”a wine rack? A WIIIINE RACK????” The wine rack was from a vintage shop and i thought he’d love it. I felt like shit, and from then on I decided that any xmas gift i give will have crappy material value, but will contain real LOVE. What is xmas anyway? Especially if youre not religious. I just want to feel loved, material bullshit can help, but its more fun finding non material items that make people happy.
So this year for xmas i got everyone non fluoride toothpaste, natural mineral salt deodorant- no aluminum, and metal tin water bottles. All these are better for you and better for our environment. If these gifts dont SCREAM i love you! then maybe next year i’ll get you an iPod.

Love me, cuz i love you,

My First Monster Cock story

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

The 2nd time I met Mr. was in Santa Barbara.
I was visiting my friend at the time (she introduced me to Mr. She hated Jeff and told me I had to stop being shallow and get over peoples looks and give Mr. a chance.) I have had sex with a few trolls so I know for sure I am not shallow. haha. Personality all the way baby.
Anyway, she and I are bar hopping on State St. We’re fuuuucked up and drunk. She has Mr. pick us up from the bar. She’s hitting on his friend who’s riding shot gun and I know Mr. is into me so I start jumping on him while he’s driving. I guess she and I were outta control, because the boys parked the car and made us relax.
We get to his house, my homegirl goes to sleep in his bed and he and I just stay in the living room, no lights on, super quiet.
I’m a horn dog so I ask if I can kiss him, we kiss, I make him touch my boobs. lalalala, stuff stuff stuff. Then we’re laying down on the floor, and he goes to touch my puss and I’m like “I’m on my period.” and he’s like ” ewww”, and moves his hand. I get upset and I’m like, “just move the string!” haha. And he does.

Then I go to touch his private part…. I touch it…, then I say, “You know that thing is NEEEVER going inside me.” I had only touched 1 dick before this and I was scared! It was a monster penis!

We had sex 2 weeks later.
(yes i like big dick, but I guess I’ve also had avg. dick that can satisfy.) heeee
Ladies! Do your kegel exercises!


Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

So MR was my man for a quick minute. Ha. Mainly our connection was freaky deaky, and for the most part that was it.

I swear I think I gave MR more head in 6 months than I gave Jeff in 5 years. Haha. Dude, not my fault, Jeff’s cum tasted horrible!! And MR’s happen to be edible.
But on that note Jeff was the best face I ever got, and MR- well I tried teaching him a thing or two. Hopefully he got better cause he was just aiight at giving face.

MR and I had one of those gay amazing days at the beach like out of the intro scene in the movie Grease. And so we’re driving home and he asks if I want to check out this kool spot down a creek. It was nice, water, rocks, a trail, and graffiti. He was more on the innocent side in the beginning. I was always having to rape him and take his clothes off because he was shy. So after begging for a while to give him some head he sort of gives in. I’m on my knees on the rocky dirt and hes all super nervous because people could pop out, out of nowhere. I don’t give a shit I’m horny. And so I have one hand for balance on the floor and the other i wont say i’m sure you have an imagination, but minutes later I start yelling all crazy. Hahaha. MR was soo scared like “whats wrong?!” and then I look at my arm and its all covered with little black ants all trailing up my arm for some head action. Hahah. Omg it was soo gross and talk about “way to ruin the moment.” So we try and get those little fuckers off me and run off back into the car. Shit was fun and funny. I love nature.
Love and World Peace,

The first time I got felt up-

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

By Jeffrey Raymond Walker.

Jeff and I started being girlfriend and boyfriend when I was 15 about to turn 16, and he was 14 about to turn 15.
For a while I thought he was a hot mute boy. Didn’t talk much, just laughed a lot and stared at me a lot. For the first few months all we did was make out, hold hands and hang out at the library.
We went to different high schools but luckily through friends we found a way to carpool together. So we’d meet after school, get dropped off at a bus stop and bus it to the public library.
Now lemme tell you;
It was the perfect way and place to get my boobies (they were a small 34C) touched at the young/old age of 16. We didn’t talk. No way. We were too busy enjoying these fuzzy buzzy feelings in our gay hearts and our genitals. So a week or two into our relationship, at the library I remember looking at the time and being like, “oh shit, my moms gonna be here soon!”
I go to the bathroom to make sure I don’t look like I just tongue kissed a hot boy for hours, and as I’m going tinkle I look down at my chonies and I’m like daaaaaaaaamn my panties are WET. What is all this madness? Hahaha.
Nothing makes my panties more soaking wet than laying down on a green grassy lawn near an artsy looking building full of books and books and magazines and movies, with an arm down my shirt and a hand on my tit. Oh boy, those were the good old days.
boob touchee,

Damn we don’t look so cute here. haha.
09/15/2001 Me:15 yrs old. He: 14 yrs old.

see my blue hair? :)

Love Trauma a.k.a. ZeBek’s ex-boyfriend diaries.

Monday, July 20th, 2009

So i decided to make a category entitled Love Trauma. Which are to be my ex-boyfriend diaries.
Like everyone, i’ve experienced love trauma and i am now happy to share it with you all. hehe.

Seriously, its all the same bullshit but i’d like to write about it now for you all to read. Why? Because some shit is funny, some shit is good, and some shit is just shit to pass time.

So let the blood run, with tissue. out of my pussy. No babies included. ever- yet.

I’ve only had 2 boyfriends in my life. Well 3 sorta.
When i was 14 i met some guy at Magic Mountain and he said he was 17. I thought i was hot cause this older guy liked me. Long story short, turns out he lied. He was really 19 and talking marriage after 2 months. Gross!!!! I attracted a pedifile. ewwww!! Whats wrong w/ me?!
Anyway, i stopped talking to that freak after he started getting all territorial with my ass. Plus at the time even i knew anyone that much older should not like a kid. Its wrong yo. Even if i dress “slutty” which i did on occasion. It doesn’t mean i want an old ass man trying to get with me. It means i’m a dumb ass teenager aware of my budding titties, and power to ruin other lives, meaning i could be a home wrecker if i was more like Lolita.
But yeah fuck that fool. He doesn’t count.

I’m gonna tell some great stories thru time about my two ex’s.
The first one named Jeffrey Raymond Walker. He lasted a little over 5 years.
And the 2nd one i’ll call- MR.- this one only lasted 6 months. ha.

Till next time….

Love & World Peace,