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Monday, June 7th, 2010

Posted by: ZeBekgarbage

This is the Winchester Mansion in San Jose, California.


Here are some photos i took at the mansion-

Love Tester

Here’s a video i shot on my phone while at the mansion-

This house was in construction 24/7 every single day of the year, every single hour, every single minute, every single second, until Mrs. Winchester died.

Who were the Winchesters? They made guns, like this one;

Note the Ivory Grips.

They made guns galore. Mr. Winchester died young after Mrs. Winchester lost a baby to death. She believed that she had to keep building during every tick and every tock because she was haunted. The spirits of those that lost their earth vehicles were following her, due to the guns with her name on them that her husband created, which made the strongest muscle in the sprits bodies stop beating. Read about her, read about the house, read about the sprits. Look it all up, see for yourself.
I couldn’t shake the creeps off me for days after touring this house. There were so many beautiful details, and so many unfinished rooms, walls, and projects in this mansion. Teddy Roosevelt once tried visiting the mansion, but it seemed like the only visitors Mrs. Winchester accepted were the lost souls from gun shot wounds.

More shots I took at the Mansion; (hover over the photos.)


Fly, dont get locked down, be cool, get a grip.

iSCREAMgarbage is like this mansion. Always being worked on. While everyone lives their lives (to the fullest i hope,) iSg will continue to build, create, and go crazy. It’s gonna be this way and that way til I die.

I’ve finally created a one stop site for all things iSCREAMgarbage. Of course we’re all over the place, all over the world, all over the interwebs too. Check our presence please. The zine will continue to get updated, but now you have a site to get all your iSg info in one big shot too. Spread the word to all the baby birds, please.

Live it up.

Thank you all for taking your time to check out my herART.

Love me cuz i love you,

Special thanks to the garbage crew, especially Ryan M Vickers and you and you and you.

My Adventures at the Laundry Mat

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Posted by: ZeBekgarbage
Written in: 2000
Age: 15-16


I’m no spelling Bee, but i like to Buzzz,
on our way to the Eiffel Tower i saw a wall, cute guys and some paint and got distracted.  Had to do this fast cuz time was a running.

Planned Parenthood was iSg’s first real sponsor when i was 16 years old and released the first issue.

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

They gave me a big box of goodies to give away with my zine. Condoms and good stuff alike.
Now I will support them, and you should too. They are awesome as far as I know.

Sign this.
Girls: Just because you FUCKed up, doesn’t mean you have to be fucked for life.
Boys: You never know when youre gonna get the wrong bitch pregnant.

zero abortions to date, but i still like options,
Playing dress up w/ my twin sister. The baby's name- Violette.

RLO’s VID of the Hump Day! #16

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

It looks like this whole week is packed with special days. Especially today. Okay, not only is it hump day (someone please hump me.) But its also Veterans Day! I want to give a shout out to all the Vets, including the ones who fix our animals. Today we honor you.

I would also like to mention that today is one of iSCREAMgarbage’s original crew members’ birfdate!
Kat is the one person who has inspired iSCREAMgarbage the most. And that is a true story.

P.S. She’s single. ;) And twenty fo’ years of age. I’m really proud of this hot bitch, she is currently attending Southwestern Law School. Thats right, iSg is gonna have a hot asian lawyer in a couple of years.
Kat- this song goes out to you!! (p.s. I love you.) true story. HAPPY BIRFDATE BIOTCH!!

<3 One of your many Cheerleaders, ZeBek:. from, little i BIG SCREAM little garbage.

AND NOW I HAND THE KEYBOARD OVER TO RLO. This is in fact RLO’s Hump Day of the Week!

“Pa las k les guste el strawberry”

– R to the L o

Chicks with Dicks

Friday, August 21st, 2009

I’ve been a tranny supporter since i was a weeee lad. I am not gonna say when RLO first noticed she was a tranny lover. =)



Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

I swear i dont have daddy issues. =)
Dear poppa. This is what i think of you. Well my thoughts in 2001.

2001 Snapshot of a page in Ze iSg O.G. zine.
2001 Snapshot of Ze iSg o.g. zine.

“Father of mine, tell me where did you go?”- everclear

I always sit and ponder how it would be to have a pops. I always think that i could have had a car (my dad is armenian), hah, and like a house and really good grades, and i wouldnt have a boyfriend (i love my boyfriend), and my boy toy wouldnt be able to spend the night, and maybe my mum wouldnt kill herself working, and i would get along w/ my evil twin, and i wouldnt have colored hair, and i might be able to play 5 instruments and speak 5 languages, and maybe i would be a bad kid trying to rebel cause iam not as much right now cause my mum pretty much lets me do as i wish. I love my mumzies a lot, but i would also love to have a papa to say i love, and stuff. Do you think i’ll ever see that guy again? Maybe hes dead. I wonder if he even knows my birthday, or if he thinks of my mother or my sis and i. Or that one time when my mum killed his bird cause she took it a shower cause it wouldnt shut up and told my dad that she found him dead in the pond. Well, all i wish for is a car.

Love and World Peace,