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iSCREAMgarbage talkin’ to Prima Donna!

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Posted by: ZeBekgarbage

This is my first “semi-professional interview!” I’ve interviewed some legit people before like;

Ian Reid

and Pink Dollaz

Those were just like, “lets doooo this!” No editing, no fancy shamancyness.

I tried interviewing Prima Donna a million times because they are my friends and i love them but we always just look like stupid fun drunks on camera. We decided to get a little serious, not a lot just a little.

So here it is!! Me and Prima Donna dancing with words acting kinda serious.

iSCREAMgarbage interviews Prima Donna in PDs practice garage.

Make Love & Music,
This is Prima Donna in a nut shell. and a Mansion

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Posted by: ZeBekgarbage

This is the Winchester Mansion in San Jose, California.


Here are some photos i took at the mansion-

Love Tester

Here’s a video i shot on my phone while at the mansion-

This house was in construction 24/7 every single day of the year, every single hour, every single minute, every single second, until Mrs. Winchester died.

Who were the Winchesters? They made guns, like this one;

Note the Ivory Grips.

They made guns galore. Mr. Winchester died young after Mrs. Winchester lost a baby to death. She believed that she had to keep building during every tick and every tock because she was haunted. The spirits of those that lost their earth vehicles were following her, due to the guns with her name on them that her husband created, which made the strongest muscle in the sprits bodies stop beating. Read about her, read about the house, read about the sprits. Look it all up, see for yourself.
I couldn’t shake the creeps off me for days after touring this house. There were so many beautiful details, and so many unfinished rooms, walls, and projects in this mansion. Teddy Roosevelt once tried visiting the mansion, but it seemed like the only visitors Mrs. Winchester accepted were the lost souls from gun shot wounds.

More shots I took at the Mansion; (hover over the photos.)


Fly, dont get locked down, be cool, get a grip.

iSCREAMgarbage is like this mansion. Always being worked on. While everyone lives their lives (to the fullest i hope,) iSg will continue to build, create, and go crazy. It’s gonna be this way and that way til I die.

I’ve finally created a one stop site for all things iSCREAMgarbage. Of course we’re all over the place, all over the world, all over the interwebs too. Check our presence please. The zine will continue to get updated, but now you have a site to get all your iSg info in one big shot too. Spread the word to all the baby birds, please.

Live it up.

Thank you all for taking your time to check out my herART.

Love me cuz i love you,

Special thanks to the garbage crew, especially Ryan M Vickers and you and you and you.

$ Pink Dollaz $

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Posted by: ZeBekgarbage

Back in April 2009 Chris Toms showed RLOgarbage some wild songs by an all girl rap group called Pink Dollaz. RLO then forwarded me the link and like making instant chocolate pudding I was on their jock fast fast. I hit up the girls on myspace and asked to collaborate on a shoot. They were like “yeah, that’s kool.” I kept in touch with them, and nothing happened, ‘cept we became homegirls. =)
Then I see this flyer:

and I freak out (you know, RLO and I LOVE Diplo.) I hit up the girls to meet up at that show after they are done playing. Then they tell me that they met MIA while getting ready for that show. Diplo and MIA put the girls on their tracks (nothing yet released…) but be ready.

So finally I do hook up with the girls to do a photo shoot. Here are some photos Me & Josh Gallo took of them with me on make up and RLO on BTS.

.Pink Dollaz.

The girls hit me up to do make up for one of their photo shoots a couple weeks ago. They come over and hang out at my pad. I see that they left a CD on my bench. It’s LIARS new album, and I’m thinking “why the fuck is this here…” ( I LOVE LIARS!) Turns out the girls got on their album! WTF. These chicks are playing with all kinds of dope people.

Listen to Pink Dollaz jump on LIARS!

Pink Dollaz are coming up fast. They are mad stylish and I can’t wait to do more collabos with them!

Rap on Ladies!

Pink Dollaz Homegirl,

Ian Reid Always Kills.

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Here’s iSg’s first interview to go public- no editing.

Ian Reid is insane. He’s hood. He’s skate, and he videotapes.
Check out the interview.
and click his site.
He’s a skate legend, photographer, and he’s from the hood.
Ian Reid (like me) wears girly socks that dont match (we dont have time for matching shit.) And a shoe lace for a belt. He say’s it makes his life easier, think airports and less weight.
He hates international food, but likes international girls.

Me and Ian in Los Angeles, CA.ZeBek of and Ian Reid of I interviewed him for iSg. eee, you gotta see he takes a ...!

The Interview.

Ian and me in New York
first night! right off the plane and straight to a bar. you know me...

iSg’s Photo-Trip to N.Y. (all with Ian’s help.)
Google him. I’m not the first to ask him questions. He is one interesting creature.

His new video is going to come out next year. I’ll keep ya’ll posted!

Meow, ciaaao,