Sometimes I’m a #BasicBitch <3

Hotline Bling
“While one’s self validation shouldn’t depend on validation from others, the 28-year-old appreciates and celebrates bodies that challenge the traditional beauty standard. And that’s undoubtedly a good thing.”
“The opening of the video — a sex line call center — could have easily felt like an exploitation of female sexuality, but the diverse representations of women alongside the fun environment and bright colors are not just body positive, but a positive statement for sex workers. It’s a message that ties in perfectly with the sex positive press that has been drummed up as of late by Amber Rose’s slutwalk. It’s the idea that the world of sex work can be controlled by women, can empower women, and doesn’t have to be a source of shame for women.” – Georgina Jones, Bustle


But also, this came out on my birthday.

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