Obama 2012

Here’s a photo of everyone I love. If you didn’t make the list, it’s probably because you don’t care, so fuck you.Obama looking tough, and wearing pink. Yay for boobies!

Kate Darling
Kate Darling. I Voted.

Danielle Tarasiuk
Danielle Tarasiuk. I Voted.

Anthony Giarrusso
Anthony, at work. I Voted.

Toni Kitane
Toni. I Voted.

Me. I Voted.

Paul Zies
Paul Zies. I Voted.

Seth. I Voted.

Juan Cuba
Juan Cuba- I Voted

Tiana- I Voted

Arlo Ramz
aRLO Ramz. I Voted.

Caro & Arlo Ramz
(Caro & aRLO) Ramirez Sisters- I Voted.

Armen Joseph
Armen. I Voted.

Paul Thurwachter
Paul Thurwachter. I Voted.

Beanet & Bebe
Beanet. I Voted, with her bebe girl.


Jeff Wong
Jeff Wong. I Voted.

Sal. I Voted.

Crystal Ann
Crystal Ann. I Voted.

My mama! :)
My Mama! <3 I Voted.

My polling place

Me, see
Me, after I finished voting. :)

Mumzies, voting. :) (I always go with my mums to vote.)
My mama, voting!

Yay for Obama!
Nay and shame on everyone who voted against-
California Proposition 37, Mandatory Labeling of Genetically Engineered Food (2012)
& for
Measure B.
Thanks for making my job more complicated. We will still be shooting unprotected sex, (outside of LA) so booya.
Chained garbage. Downtown LA. The dog. The moon.

Me shooting Adam Rindy, shooting Chayse Evans, who’s used to getting shot, with loads of cum.
me shooting adam rindy shooting chayse evans whos used to getting shot. with loads of cum.
Use a condom in your personal life, and leave the professional unprotected (regularly checked) sex up to the porn world.
Don’t have babies.


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