The garbage girls are movin’ on up!

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CYN just bought a haus! Holy Cow! with a pool! She’s going to name one of the guest rooms after me. :)

LYNette was just accepted into YALE! and three other colleges she applied to for Masters programs in environmental management.

Wherever you decide to go, I would love a tour, like we did at Berkeley in 2009.

Here’s Me, LYNette, Caro and Paul. We have protected the innocent, so they are not fully pictured.

Thank you LYNette for leading us on a tour of your college, Berkeley. <3
Sather Gate

Sticking iSg around campus.

Bootay on the mascot.

The Campanile is still closed (repairs.)

Sitting on a log bench by VLSB

Outside Sproul Hall where the Freespeach Movement began.

I love my crew.
Bootay on the mascot.

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