Happy Birthday Cindy Gallop!

Posted by: ZeBekgarbage

“Birthday thought: I consider myself a proudly visible member of the most invisible segment of our society – older women. I want to help redefine what society thinks an older woman should think like, look like, talk like, act like, work like – and fuck like. :)”- Cindy Gallop

Happy birthday to one of my favorite peeps! Cindy Gallop.

! I got to meet with sexy Cindy Gallop! @LAX. I was nervous and ecstatic. Feels like I made a new friend. ♥

Cindy has my back, and I have hers.

Me with Cindy Gallop.

Can you tell I love her?
My heeero.

Happy happy Hump day, birthday!
Me, Cindy Gallop, and Tanya Tate. They are both from England.


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