I Get Invited To Awesome Parties

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Because I know how to have fun.
That is why this year I was invited to the (Hustler) LFP Holiday Party hosted by Larry Flynt at Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills. When I asked people on FB what I should wear here’s what some said;

Screen Shot 2011-12-14 at 9.54.19 PM

So with that said, (my answer to these folks.)
Here are the photos I took at ze party.

Hoover over the photos like you’re Marty McFly and read my captions
or click on them.

I'll have one, red please. Thaaank you.

My drinks, my purse. I wish this was made from recycled paper. Drunk stalling.

I preferred the helpers over the Santa. My homie, Paul there, where the single ladies at?!

Open bar. Two at a time.

Larry Flynt's muthafucken GOLD wheels. haha

Larry Flynt speech time, everyone elegantly dressed.

First Course,  Entrée,  Dessert = Yum

First Course



Ta-da! and that was it. Simple, pretty, and elegant. Who woulda thunk that thats how Larry Flynt rolls for his Holiday parties?

Thanks for the invite Paul B.! *muah!

Stay gold,
Janice & Joseph are married.

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  1. Armen Says:

    How bout a pic of what you wore? After all… you posted for help on Facebook. Eye candies plz.

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