Asia in 1080p HD from ZeBek’s Pink Canon

Posted by: ZeBekgarbage

Here is the first video I shot and edited

Here is the second video I shot and edited

Please watch until the very end.

Note to you,
I am not an editor.

Please enjoy!

Thank you!

ZeBek <3


2 Responses to “Asia in 1080p HD from ZeBek’s Pink Canon”

  1. MelGarbage Says:

    Really amazing video, Bek! You have a really skilled eye for the most interesting things! You’ve inspired me to record my trip to South Africa!


  2. ZeBekgarbage Says:

    Thank you MEL! I would love to see footage from your South Africa life. :) iMovie is actually simple enough to put your video together. If you need help with it let me know. I want to see photos and videos! :)


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