Hatfield’s Review

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I had a great weekend, packing, planning, and prepping for my South East Asia trip, oh and eating at fancy restaurants and watching a ton of movies, mostly from the 80’s.

Here are just a few photos I took at Hatfield’s Restaurant.
Located at 6703 Melrose Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90038.
This place was a part of 10 Best New Restaurants in America by
bon app├ętit, magazine, 2010.
Yummy Vino, now time to choose some foods.

Charred Octopus Salad

Their version of Tres Leches Cake

I loved the ambiance, our waiter was excellent, but the host totally forgot about us. I had to give her the stink eye to spark her memory. In the end they gave us a free glass of dessert wine so I guess it was fine, dining. The food was yummy, not incredible but more than just edible. The portions were very small, yet still filling. I would return here, but I think I’d prefer to try other new (to me) restaurants first. I am glad I can check this place off my list. I give it 7 out of 10 stars.

Feed Me!

Screen Shot 2011-11-02 at 7.40.39 PM
Weird Science

not my dream car. one of my future cars. I'm glossy like an Aston Martin.



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  1. Deja Mae Says:

    HAVE A MAGNIFICENT TRIP~~~ I watched ‘Weird Science’ a few days ago too!


  2. ZeBekgarbage Says:

    I loved her wardrobe so I took a bunch of screen shots to report on it. Classy punk rock. Netflix is the best.

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