RLO’s Voice be Dickin’ Around.

Posted by: RLOgarbage

I have recently voiced some characters for the #1 Toon on Youtube- Dick Figures

My latest voice-over was for this slutty bitch who seduces Blue in ‘Terminate Her’ @ 1:20

In ‘Camp Anarchy’, I voiced the blindfolded girl @ 1:20

*There’s even a German fandub for this episode and others, Geil!

In ‘Lord Tourette’s Syndrome’, I voiced the little kid @ 1:28

ZeBek asked: Do you get nervous before you do a voice?

RLO: I don’t really get nervous when it comes to voice acting because it’s not the first time I’ve done this before.
In the past, I’ve helped with some voices for web toon, Brazahood
As you can see here:
I voiced the weird Doraemon naked man-alien-thing.

In the end, I just like helping friends out in their projects, and it gives me great pleasure in doing so. ^_^

R to the -L-O <3333

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