HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of our garbage girls! MELgarbage!

Posted by: ZeBekbasura y RLObasura

MELgarbage has been with iSg since day one. She is the bebe of our group, she was underage when we first started photo-shooting. Ahh, back in the day.

Here are some of the last photos we took of MEL before she moved far far away to England Sleepytime! Mel's butt. to continue studying. One day (soon) she’ll be a Lawyer? or a Doctor? Home-girl has huge dreams for herself and for you all. It’s an iSg trait.

These two photos were taken by me, ZeBek:
MELgarbage for iSCREAMgarbage

Pink Period.

These photos were taken by JoshGallo.com




and now RLO’s turn on MEL-

inspired by this:

and this


We love and miss you MEL! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thank you again for showing us ENGLAND. :)
ZeBek & RLOgarbage,

P.S. Birth-Day- Sex!

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  1. MelGarbage Says:

    Guys, you are the best EVER!! I love that I’ve been able to spend my adult life with you in the rubbish bin! When will you ever come and visit!? I have hot cups of tea and sweet biscuits waiting! xoxoxo

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