Every Naughty Girl and Gay Boys Dream

Posted by: C.Ann

A good friend of mine is planning a trip to Thailand for 2 months, her eyes have been stuck to her computer for months, researching and planning her itinerary. While on the interweb she stumbled on this and emailed it to me. I loved it so much I felt obligated to share it with my fellow iSg readers. I thought it was only fitting:D

Hidden in the Nai Lert Park Hotel of Bangkok Thailand is a shrine covered in many different colors, shapes and sizes of penises.
This shrine was orignally built for Chao Mae Tuptim The Goddess of fertility, worshippers offered to her wreaths of snow-white jasmine flowers, incense sticks with pink and white lotus buds in hopes of birthing a child.


There is a story from many years ago, that tells of a woman who prayed at the shrine asking for help from Chao Tuptim. she left her offerings to the Goddess and within time she gave birth to a healthy son. As a way of thanking The Goddess, she placed a large wooden carving of a giant phallus in front of the shrine. Since then, others have followed in her lead, praying for help with fertility leaving their offerings of penis carvings and fragrant flowers.




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