A Healthy Penis is a Sexy Penis

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BUT FIRST! a message from ZEBEK!
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Why is there no looting in Japan?
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Does anyone remember Junior high health class and those horrific photos of genitals covered in warts and nasty slimy goo??

I’ve heard they cut some of the sex ed programs in some schools. What a shame, I will forever be grateful for those.
They scared the living shit out of me and made me want to wear a chastity belt till I was married!!
Thankfully for us we had classes to teach us about sexual health, and free clinics with health care and all the condoms you could ask for.

But other countries aren’t quite as lucky.
Meet Sir Richard’s: A philanthropic contraceptive company on a mission to help spread the importance of safe protected sex world wide.


” Doing Good, Never Felt Better” is the slogan that Sir Richards lives by.

These Vegan condoms ( that’s right I said it VEGAN) come in different sizes and textures like Ribbed, Pleasure Dots, and Ultra Thin.
“Buy One, Give one”, for every one condom that is purchased Sir Richards will donate to one to a country in need.


The cost of condoms has risen so high that less than 10% of the global demands for free condoms are met.
In less developed countries 5-6% of contraceptive users choose to use condoms when they “can afford” them,
in other countries like Somalia condom use is illegal.

With hopes to spread around the world, Sir Richards is currently working very closely with Partners in Health to help & educate the people of Haiti.
Join Sir Richards in making love and spreading love. Go check out there web store and buy a box or two.


Protect yourself and protect the world.
Your HIV & STD Free Lover,

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