Save your Bras for the Construction Workers

Posted by: C. Ann

Who doesn’t love some sexy lingerie?
Women love going shopping for it, and Men love tearing it off:D

I read that most bras and under garments are the hardest to recycle.
Mainly because bras and lingerie are made of so many different materials and are hard to dispose of.
I’ve also heard the best way of recycling bras is to give them to the less fortunate women who can’t afford the support in other countries.
But have you ever heard of recycling bras to create sound proofing insulation for construction ?

Sandro Veronesi, president of Italian lingerie company Calzedonia Group which owns a well known eco-friendly lingerie store called Intimissimi has joined forces with Ovat Campagnari, a company that specializes in recycling and disposing of textile waste. Together they organized a 6 week campaign to collect everyone’s unwanted under garments with the task of breaking down your old bras and turning them into sound proofing insulation. Though they are just in the the beginning stages they are hoping this will continue and possibly spark other companies to follow in their footsteps.

Whether this is just an experiment or if it might prove to have a positive outcome, one thing is for sure- it’s great to see everyone around the world being cautious of how we dispose of our unwanted items.



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