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California Propositions

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Posted by: Ryan M. Vickers

propositions on the ballot this November for California

Prop 19
Legalizes Marijuana under California law, not Federally for adults over 21.

Reasons it’s a good – Taxes marijuana the same way alcohol is taxed. Generates billions of dollars for the state. Stops wasting money on failed prohibition.
Reasons it’s bad – Not much other than people worry about public safety.

Overall this would be a good thing for California to help generate a lot of revenue and create a lot of jobs which out state desperately needs both right now. Marijuana is much less harmful that alcohol, so I see no real reason not to support prop 19.

Prop 20
Redistricting of Congressional Districts

It takes the responsibility of determining the boundaries of our districts away from the House of Representatives and puts the power into a commission of citizens.

Reasons it’s good – Allows the drawing of fair districts. Move politicians out of office for not doing their job.

Reasons it’s bad – Gives a 14 person bureaucracy power. And will cost us money.

Overall this could be a good thing as the commission is made up evenly of republicans, democrats, and independents. Allowing for a more fair drawing on district lines.

Prop 21
$18 surcharge added to vehicle licenses to help fund state parks and wildlife programs.

Reasons it’s good – Our parks and beaches are not in good shape and could use the money to help maintain them and keep them up and running.

Reasons it’s bad – Some are leery that the money won’t be used for the parks and will be diverted elsewhere.

Overall if the money is used properly, which supposedly it will be. This is a great program to help our state parks and beaches especially in a time where a lot that funding has been cut.

Prop 22
Prohibits the state from borrowing or taking funds used for Transportation, Redevelopment, or Local Government Projects.

Reasons it’s good – Stops politicians from taking local government funds. It’s supported by Fire Chiefs and Police Chiefs.

Reasons it’s bad – Public schools stand to lose billions of dollars. Takes money from firefighters while protecting redevelopment agencies.

This is a proposition that sounds good but once you dig deeper, you find out it’s not. It takes money from schools, health care, and fire districts. Overall this is a bad proposition that will really affect areas that are already in trouble.

Prop 23
Suspends the implementation of Air Pollution Control Law until unemployment drops below 5.5%.

Reasons it’s good – While the state is in crisis, this will not increase the taxes that this Law will implement. Supposedly, jobs are at stake because small businesses will feel the taxes and layoff workers.

Reasons it’s bad – We voted this law in to help us prevent global warming and emissions, and we will be delaying a Law that took us a long time to vote in. Also, it will hurt clean energy companies.

They make this prop sound like it’s bad and will hurt California. We already voted this into Law and we should follow through. This proposition helps clean energy companies and they create more jobs and already employ hundreds of thousands.

Prop 24
Repeals legislation allowing businesses to lower their tax liability.

Reasons it’s good – Stops tax breaks for corporations.

Reasons it’s bad – Doesn’t guarentee any money for our classrooms and also hurts job creation. Will hit small businesses and send jobs out of California.

Right now in the current bad state that California is in, we need our businesses to stay here and create jobs. I would say we need to allow businesses these tax cuts for now to help our state job market.

Prop 25
Changes Legislative vote requirement to pass budget and budget related legislative from 2/3 to simple majority. Retains 2/3 vote requirement on taxes.

Reasons it’s good – Will help our state get a budget in time. Also when a budget is not on time, the legislators will not get paid on all the days that they delay the budget.

Reasons it’s bad – Will make it easier for politicians to raise taxes by putting them in the budget which will only need a majority vote now instead of 2/3.

Have yet to figure out which way to vote on this one.

Prop 26
Requires that Certain State and Local Fees be approved by 2/3 vote.

Reasons it’s good – Will stop allowing politicians to raise taxes by hiding them labeling them as fees.

Reasons it’s bad –

Currently fees can be raised without 2/3 votes. This will change that and hold politicians more accountable.

Prop 27
Eliminates the commission that we created in 2008 to determine congressional districts.

Reasons it’s good – Will possibly reduce state costs.

Reasons it’s bad – Will dismantle the commission we created.

Vote no on 27 to put the power of districts in the citizens hands and not the Legislature.

Ryan M. Vickers


Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Posted by:  Ryan M. Vickers

This coming midterm election is a pretty big one for California.  Mainly cause we are officially going to no longer have the “Governator” running our state anymore.  And California is a bit in turmoil right now, and we need someone who is going to come in and hopefully contribute to turning our state around and making it the powerhouse that it once was.  Now we have quite a few spots which are up for election: Governor, US Senate, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, Controller, Treasurer, Attorney General, Insurance Commissioner, Superintendent of Public Instruction, and Board of Equalization – Districts 1 – 4.  As much as I would love to be able to break down every position and candidate for you, I’m going to focus on the big one Governor, though i will give you links where you can find all the information you need to on the other positions and who is running for them.

To give a quick recap, we had a gentleman by the name of Grey Davis running California and he didn’t really do a stellar job so we removed him from office, had a special election, and by the fact that we thought we knew him so well, we elected Arnold Schwartzeneger.  Now considering that he was an actor, he hasn’t done a horrendous job, but by no means has he done a great or even good job with our state.  It is now time for us to elect someone new.

Let’s start with the Republican candidate, Meg Whitman.
She is most notably known for being the CEO and President of Ebay. She also has been an executive for Disney, Hasbro, Dreamworks, and Proctor & Gamble. She took Ebay in from 30 employees and 4 million a year in 1998 to 15,000 employees and 8 billion a year in 2008. She is worth 1.3 billion and has spent more money on her own campaign than any self-funded candidate in US history.

Her three key points are:
– Job Creation
– Reduce State Spending
– Reform Education

Key points:
– Cut taxes to create jobs.
– Supports abortion rights.
– Supported Prop 8. Though says marriages before it was law should be recognized and also supports same-sex couples adopting.
– Says there should be a path to legalization for illegal immigrants. She also says illegal immigrant students should not be able to attend state-funded higher education.
– Supports clean energy and clean energy jobs. Though says she is not opposed to drilling off California cost if new drilling technology is introduced.

Sum up: Meg Whitman knows how to successfully run a company. She definitely has ideas that can make California thrive in that area. Though, she falls in line with a lot of other Republicans in issues that are important with civil rights and the environment. She could be the kick California needs to get in shape but at what cost.

Next up the Democratic candidate, Jerry Brown.
Jerry Brown is a life long politician. Not only was his father governor of California before Ronald Regan, he was Governor for two terms following Regan. Brown was on the Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees (1969–1971), as California Secretary of State (1971–1975), as Governor of California (1975–1983), chairman of the California Democratic Party (1989–1991), and the Mayor of Oakland (1999–2007). He is currently California’s Attorney General. So let’s just say he a little experience in this sort of field.

His main points of focus are:
– Job Creation
– Fixing Education
– Budget
– Our Environment
– Clean Energy Jobs Plan
– Pension Reform
– Water for the 21st Century
– Fighting to Protect Civil Rights

Key Points:
– In 1975 he was known as a fiscal conservative. CA budget has a surplus.
– Opposes the death penalty
– supports abortion rights
– Supports same-sex marriage. Though never challenged Prop 8.
– Says he will not increase taxes without voter approval.

Sum up: Jerry Brown has been in our political system for a long time. He knows his way around and seems to have many answers on a lot of important issues. He does have an impressive record as far as what he has done as well. His experience though also becomes his enemy. Do we want someone who has been in our political system this long, do we want fresh ideas and new blood? His experience could be exactly what California needs, though he could also just be the same of what we’ve had.

Also running:
Laura Wells – Green
Dale F. Ogden – Libertarian
Chelene Nightingale – American Independent
Carlos Alvarez – Peace and Freedom

I’ve done my research and made my decision. This post isn’t as in depth as I would like to dive but it does touch on key points and it hopefully motivates you to go looking for answers the questions you have, for you to find out who YOU want for our next Governor. Remember WE decide, and while you may think, do my votes really count? Does my opinion matter? The answer is YES, always.

I’ve gathered all the other candidates up for office and where you can read about. Inform yourself and go vote!

US Senate
Barbara Boxer – Democratic
Carly Fiorina – Republican
Marsha Feinland – Peace and Freedom
Gail K. Lightfoot – Libertarian
Edward C. Noonan – American Independent
Duane Roberts – Green

Lt. Governor
Gavin Newsom – Democratic
Abel Maldonado – Republican
Pamela J. Brown – Libertarian
James “Jimi” Castillo – Green
Jim King – American Independent
C.T. Weber – Peace and Freedom

Secretary of State
Debra Bowen – Democratic
Damon Dunn – Republican
Marylou Cabral – Peace and Freedom
Ann Menasche – Green
Merton D. Short – American Independent
Christina Tobin – Libertarian

Attorney General
Kamala D. Harris – Democratic
Steve Cooley – Republican
Robert J. Evans – Peace and Freedom
Timothy J. Hannan – Libertarian
Peter Allen – Green
Diane Beall Templin – American Independent

John Chiang – Democratic
Tony Strickland – Republican
Andrew “Andy” Favor – Libertarian
Ross D. Frankel – Green
Karen Martinez – Peace and Freedom
Lawrence G. Beliz – American Independent

Bill Lockyer – Democratic
Mimi Walters – Republican
Charles “Kit” Crittenden – Green
Robert Lauten – American Independent
Debra L. Reiger – Peace and Freedom
Edward M. Teyssier – Libertarian

Insurance Commissioner
Dave Jones – Democratic
Mike Villines – Republican
William Balderston – Green
Richard S. Bronstein – Libertarian
Dina Josephine Padilla – Peace and Freedom
Clay Pedersen – American Independent

Superintendent of Public Instruction
Larry Aceves – Nonpartisan
Tom Torlakson – Nonpartisan

Board of Equalization
District 1
Betty T. Yee – Democratic
Kevin R. Scott – Republican
Sherill Borg – Peace and Freedom
Kennita Watson – Libertarian

Board of Equalization
District 2
Chris Parker – Democratic
George Runner – Republican
Willard D. Michlin – Libertarian
Toby Mitchell-Sawyer – Peace and Freedom

Board of Equalization
District 3
Mary Christian Heising – Democratic
Michelle Steel – Republican
Jerry L. Dixon – Libertarian
Mary Lou Finley – Peace and Freedom
Terri Lussenheide – American Independent

Board of Equalization
District 4
Jerome E. Horton – Democratic
Peter “Pedro” De Baets – Libertarian
Shawn Hoffman – American Independent
Nancy Lawrence – Peace and Freedom

Ryan M. Vickers
Ryan M. Vickers as photographed by Me.

RLO’s PICs/VID of the Hump Day! #66

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Posted by: RLOgarbage

Yo iSg readers and registered voters,

If ya’ll live anywhere within these areas: Inglewood, Hawthorne, Lennox, Lawndale, Gardena, Del Aire, and West Compton~ Please Check out my girl Cynthia Santiago,

who’s the first Green Party candidate running for the 51st Assembly district.
She’s a very smart, and talented young woman, and it’s awesome that she’s doing this; Cos most people are all talk when it comes to wanting to change things in their community, but Cynthia is going further than that by seeking election to a public office for the first time- And she needs all the support she can get! Add her page.

She’s even on this online news article!

I wish you the best girl! <3


Check this nifty site on the props

Oh yeah, and before i forget….YES on prop 19! ^-^

The Guy from Men’s Warehouse is donating $$ to help the campaign- so all you guys go patronize his store!

If u don’t legalize it- i’ll cut u up! ;)

vote <3
R to-the-L-O <3
haha. is that a real doobie?

PhotO Vote-O

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Posted by: ZeBekgarbage










Jesus died for your sins, more people died so you can vote.

My feetsies and me in my LINCOLN iSCREAMgarbage shirt. and my sticker :)

Vote for the New Whore, Not the Old One

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Posted by: Michael Pierce

And you thought you voted for “Change”. What if I told you that the politicians have us right where they want us? Left, Right or Center they are sizing you and I up, filling us with ideas and persuading us to punch their tickets based on your age, gender, genital snacking preference, skin color, income level and values quotient. Its sorta like that endless pasta bar at Olive Garden. It never tastes that good, but there are four pasta options to keep you satisfied. Ready to lodge a complaint? Don’t worry, they have unlimited bread sticks to keep you fat, dumb and happy.

“Change” this year means vote GOP and a vote for the Dems means hold the status quo. The question is, what did you get out of your last vote? Didyour candidates do the job you desired? Did they better your state or are they just preparing their next Machiavellian fundraiser? Two years post
Obama, our economy continues to tank, budget deficits have tripled, unemployment is nearly 10% and our military isn’t even searching for Osama binLaden. Beyond the historic health care bill of 2009, “Change” has been more of a campaign slogan than modus operandi. I hate to say it, but the first two years of Obama looks a lot like the last two years of W. That has made me think hard and deep.

Sometimes the more things change, the more they stay the same. 420 is on the ballot again, Iran is stirring the Middle East powder keg and gays still don’t have civil marriage. There is also lots of talk about global pollution, alternative energy and the evils of Big Oil. From a political issues standpoint, you would thinks its 1979 all over again. One thing that hasn’t changed is that politicians are wealthy and the populous is struggling while hoping for better futures. Are we just another generation duped by slick campaign ads aimed at pilfering our tax dollars and fattening up the coffers of career politicians in exchange for favorable business legislation? It’s not very imaginative but it’s hard to argue it any other way at the moment.

Two years ago, millions showed up on election day, catalyzed by a presidential candidate looking to break ranks with his recent predecessors. Two years later, it seems like most Americans feel minimized, their voices not being respected. It can be so disheartening. Why can’t we seem to get our
elected officials to execute the will of their constituents? Let not your heart be troubled, Americans have a way. Flat out, we must not reward politicians on election day with votes if they betray our trust, regardless of political party. That is the only way we can leave the blame game behind and start moving down the path to real solutions, real progress. Politicians are literally “civil servants”. Ask yourself if it feels like they actually are at this moment in time. Who is serving who?

In a couple weeks, millions of Americans will exercise the fundamental right of voting, a right that has made this republic a wonderful land to live in, filled with opportunity. 406,000 Americans died in World War II to keep our right to vote. 862,000 Americans died in the Civil War and 116,000 in WWI. Voting rights is a big deal. Also not to be taken lightly are the accomplishments of career politicians currently serving state and Country. Anyone want to debate how great life is in the real world? Anyone care to support a theory that re-electing incumbents will get us on the road to recovery?

So where am I going with the Post-Obamalistic discourse? Its simple really, don’t vote for ANY incumbent politician or career politician. Throwing them all out on their assess is the only way to get our republic back in the hands of the citizens, out of the hands of corporate lobbyists and back headed along the road we all call the “American Dream”. The American Dream is out there and it’s not a hokey aspiration. Lowering our country’s living standards is the worst thing we Americans can do and in my lifetime we came close to sliding down that slippery slope. That is what 1979 felt like, a critical fork in the road upon us, uneasy about which path to select, the escalator leading to demise or the endless staircase pointing toward progress. Pundits spoke of America’s decline, its wayward imperialism, it over-consumption and the evils of capitalism. Pardon me for yawing this time around…I have heard this before. Americans must be bold, befriend enemies and make nice, nice like Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neill, who decided together that the staircase suits America much better. Or, in the words of JFK, we choose the more arduous paths “not because they are easy but because they are hard”.

As you walk into that voting booth, vote for your belief in America and its citizens, not some logo or name. I believe in freedom and civil liberties. I believe in term limits, new-federalism and capitalism. That is how I plan to vote. In laymen’s terms, I believe that American’s cherish personal freedom and the ability to fail miserably our achieve succeed far beyond our wildest dreams. Most Americans don’t think government can really make a worthy difference and most don’t want government intrusions in our lives. Disagree with me? Think about government efficiency the next time you go to the DMV, drive over pothole after pothole, order PPV porn in a hotel or get hastled by a TSA employee while passing through security at LAX.
Republicans and Democrats are not the enemy…Bureaucracy is the enemy.
Let’s vote to end it.

Michael Pierce

michael pierce

Evil Playmate Wants to Kill Boyfriend?

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Posted by: ZeBekgarbage via Paul Z.

{Read about Charles Manson and Rosemary’s Baby here!}

“I got this off of the KNX 1070 site, the photo is of Dorian when she was a Playmate in 1968. (Photo from some Ruskie site). Paul Z.”

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A former Playboy Playmate of the Year, who appeared in the horror movie “Rosemary’s Baby,” has been charged with shooting her boyfriend at their Hollywood apartment.

The district attorney’s office says 66-year-old Victoria Rathgeb pleaded not guilty to attempted murder on Tuesday. She remains jailed Wednesday on $1.5 million bail and could face up to life in prison if convicted.

Police say that she shot her boyfriend during a domestic dispute Saturday evening.

Los Angeles police spokeswoman Norma Eisenman says the man, whose identity wasn’t released, remains in critical condition.

Rathgeb was 1968′s Playmate of the Year under the name of Angela Dorian. She had TV and movie roles in the 1960s and 1970s and played a recovering heroin addict in the 1968 hit “Rosemary’s Baby.”


I got hit by a 19 year old drunk driver 2x! 1st was a hit and run. then i tried getting her plates, and she hit me to the point where our cars were stuck.

This article made me want to watch this movie!


RLO’s PICs/VID of the Hump Day! #65

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Posted by: RLOgarbage

Sometimes, you gotta take one for the team.

foto: Lykke Li

R to-the-L O <33
Bird givin' you the bird by iSCREAMgarbage

Building Communities, One Art Project at a Time

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Posted by: C. Ann

Ever wanted to be a part of a community art project??

Art House Co Op is a family of artist that any one can join!
Their goal is to bring thousands of artist together with the same passion for creating and build a community to help share their work with other artists and to gain more recognition from the public.

They put together many nifty projects that any one can participate in like:
AMLP: A Million Little Pictures is a traveling exhibit of thousands of photos in a mobile van.


Imagine one photo from a million different people traveling from state to state in an exhibit for others to see.
With just a little donation of 25 dollars, you will be sent a disposable camera with 27 pictures and faced with a small task of choosing a specific theme and photographing it. There are a number of themes to choose from like ” pictures in a minute”, “27 days of ______” and “surviving the end of the world.”
From your 27 photos they will choose at least one to display in their mobile exhibit and also to be a part of their book.

other Interesting projects by Art House are their:
“SketchBook Project”

And “Pockets”
The Pockets Project

Go Ahead, Take a gander at their website, You may find something you want to participate in!
Art House Co Op

Artsy Fartsy Since ’86,
Crystal Ann

I like girls.

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Posted by: ZeBekgarbage via Talina Corona

<3 me, ZeBekgarbage XOXO

RLO’s PICs/VID of the Hump Day! #64

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Posted by: RLOgarbage

This weekend:


:iSg & BRAZAhood:



= puro pari 24/7

and here’s one for ze milfs.

R to-the-L-O <3
ALL better, time for more partying! hahaha