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I Win! Against PropH8

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Posted by: ZeBekgarbage

Hover over the photos like your’e Marty McFly or click on them.

August 4, 2010
Dont be scared.  Do do.

Free HIV testing.

Celebrating the day anyone can marry anyone (again) in California! weee

<3 for allll

November 2008-

Free the Gays!!

This is my son waking up from a nap.

This is my son in his halloween costume. Do as he says. Or he will eat you. And trust me, ask anyone who knows will fit in his belly.

i voted NOOOOOO ON h8! woo

Love and Marriage for All,
Awww. (Thrift store hopping.) Vote No on Prop. 8.

RLO’s PICs/VID of the Hump Day! #54

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Posted by: RLOgarbage

Most people usually wouldn’t think of porn stars as being positive role models….let alone TRANS-GENDERED porn stars.
Sure, they’re all a bunch of crazy horn dogs, especially my tranny stars;
But there’s one tranny star I’d like to introduce to y’all who I feel has made something positive in their lives, and didn’t let society take them down. Cos let’s face it, trannies don’t have it easy; A lot of haters out there always making life stressful for them.

And that is BUCK ANGEL!

Pictured above with Burlesque performer, Selene Luna.

Angel’s a FTM (female-to-male, fyi) tranny star, educator,and advocate for ALL things- and you should all check out his Blog, cos he has some neat stories in there. Like this awesome article about the MUXES in México <3

Tranny Love!
Buck Angel and Allanah Star immortalized by sculptor Marc Quinn !!
He also did these cool PSA's about taking care of your lady/man parts. Cos STD's don't discriminate people!

I got my ish checked last week! Remember to get yours checked every year. ^_^

Remember kids, “Own it, use it, or Lose it!” Thanks, Buck!

R-to-the-L-O <3

New zine reporter! Welcome Crystal Ann!

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Posted by: ZeBekgarbage

Crystal Ann is our new contributor yay! She’s girl on girl friendly, guy on guy friendly, she’s just all around friendly especially with the bitches, and boy dogs too. She’s like the opposite of Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians, she loves animals!

C. Ann runs her own blog which is pretty inspirational if you’re ever looking for that sort of awesome thing.

Here’s C. Ann’s logo:

(jē äf′ə jē)
: the practice of eating earthy substances (as clay) that in humans is performed especially to augment a scanty or mineral-deficient diet or as part of a cultural tradition—called also earth eating;
fiend (fēnd): to devote or surrender (oneself) to something habitually or obsessively

So thats a little about her from her site. After reading what her name meant it made me think of this clay mask i like to do every now and then. Totally works!
Here’s all you need!

A plastic spoon and a bowl, and viola! Follow the easy directions on the clay. Each of these items are $5-$7 and the clay can last for a year, the apple cider vinegar can last for a long while toooo. Its all organic fun. You make the paste, leave it on your face, wash it off and wowza, your skin is perfect in two days. Plan ahead, dont do it before a photo shoot or a date. I’m telling you tho, you will love your skin. I even mud masked my bootay and my ass was feelin’ pretty fine. Next time i’ll include photos of masking fun. =)

Til then, please say hi to our new writer. It takes a lot of time and effort to put together these posts for ya’ll to read for fun learning. =)

We love you long time,
Look Ma'... I'm a FLAMINGO!

Love the World

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Posted by: C. Ann

My name is Crystal Ann and i am “green” friendly: paper makin’ , herb smokin’, earth lovin‘.
your neighborly Geophagyfiend. Take a stroll with me ‘Round the Hippie Tree, and live a green life more consciously.

Did you know that you could love yourself or others while still lovin’ your planet at the same time?!?
Check out this awesome personal lubricant by Yes.

Yes the only certified organic lube that is created from pure all natural ingredients.
This lube is made of plant extracts which also serves as a moisturizing food to your skin. No growth hormones, added chemicals, pesticides, or silicone in this love lotion. And for those of you worried about your little furry friends, no animal body parts either.

Most lubricants found in drug stores and sex shops contain chemicals found in oven cleaner, brake fluid and antifreeze and even more chemicals that have been shown to cause cancer in animals, liver and kidney damage and convulsions.
Your mouth, vaginal, and anal areas are known as mucus membranes that are directly linked to your internal organs. 60% of what you put on your skin can be absorbed into the body. which means all those synthetically dyed and flavored lubes people are using right now though they may seem fun for the moment can lead to much more serious concerns later.

Whether you decide to try Yes or venture out into the world and find a personal lube to suit your needs.

There are just a few guidelines to keep in mind while choosing one that’s right for you. remember to stay away from glycerine, parabens, diethanolamine or DEA and synthetic menthol. Your lover will thank you for it!