iSCREAMgarbage talkin’ to Prima Donna!

Posted by: ZeBekgarbage

This is my first “semi-professional interview!” I’ve interviewed some legit people before like;

Ian Reid

and Pink Dollaz

Those were just like, “lets doooo this!” No editing, no fancy shamancyness.

I tried interviewing Prima Donna a million times because they are my friends and i love them but we always just look like stupid fun drunks on camera. We decided to get a little serious, not a lot just a little.

So here it is!! Me and Prima Donna dancing with words acting kinda serious.

iSCREAMgarbage interviews Prima Donna in PDs practice garage.

Make Love & Music,
This is Prima Donna in a nut shell.

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  1. eliu Says:

    Great funny interview! PRIMA DONNA ROCKS!

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    […] are homies. My girls Pink Dollaz, and my boys Prima Donna. I’ll share both with you right now. New Track from Pink Dollaz- I did their make up in this […]

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