Feed You To The Worms

Posted by: C. Ann

Hello My Fellow Garbage Lovers!!
Today I’d like to introduce to you a few other friendly garbage lovers I know.
Born and raised purveyors of nutrient enriched soil. Working hard to feed your indoor plants, outdoor garden and mini farm.

Say Hello to my little squirmy wormies!

This weekend I started my own compost bin!! Much like ZeBek’s worm farm How exciting:)

What is compost you ask?
Compost is the recycling of natural organic material that people consume in their day to day lives.
Fruits, veggies, newspaper, toilet paper rolls and even egg shells can be used to feed our worm friends who turn our garbage into more food for your plants!!
This also helps stop all that extra build up of junk in land fills (creates less work for your garbage men) and also helps people feel a little bit more obligated to recycle their recyclables,
cutting back on the actual garbage you do throw out.

It usually takes a few months before you have any usable soil to plant, but when my soil is usable I will definitely be using it to plant an herb garden!!
I’ll keep you up to date on how my herb garden turns out when the time comes but until then enjoy this instead:



These two guys, Ian and Curt have joined forces and started a farm in their truck!! that’s right I said it. A fully operated farm in the bed of their old dodge truck. They traveled all around the east coast sharing their farm with schools and hosting special events to raise awareness that you don’t need to own a piece of land to have a farm. They filmed the process from begining to end to release a documentary to help start a larger movement for young farmers, urban agriculturist and to help prove that we can have fresh organic greens delivered to your door even though you live in the city.

Check out one of their mini episodes here:

Truck Farm Teaser

and if you’re still interested in learning more take a gander at their website.

Live, Love & Be “Green”,

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