L.A. Art Walk in Downtown Los Angelse

Posted by: ZeBekgarbage

I remember when the Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk was fun and neat, it was an excellent thing to do on a Thursday night once a month. Massive amounts of people didn’t even know about it. I stopped going months ago.

CYNgarbage and i accidently went to the Art Walk. We were invited to a Loft party which got canceled, and since we were already tipsy we decided to take a walk and check some art out. Turns out all the rude people of Los Angeles are now avid Art Walkers. We’re getting hit on by drunk and sober guys. As i’m walking one guy asks if he can touch my hair, i keep walking and say “no.” He pulls my hair. I walk up to him and pull his hair back. Dont fucken touch me, you dont know me. He then says some nasty shit about pulling his other hair. Ugh, i’m so not going back to any of these “Art Walks” turned “Awful Walks.”

One kool thing we did see as recommended by my porn making friend Mark was Bang Gallery. Here are some photos; (hover over them like youre Marty McFly or just click on ’em.)

CYNgarbage and bebe Unicorn.

CYNgarbage taking her clothes off in front of Alejandra Gurrero's art.

Give Respect, Get Respect,
Look Ma'... I'm a FLAMINGO!

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