I Win! Against PropH8

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Hover over the photos like your’e Marty McFly or click on them.

August 4, 2010
Dont be scared.  Do do.

Free HIV testing.

Celebrating the day anyone can marry anyone (again) in California! weee

<3 for allll

November 2008-

Free the Gays!!

This is my son waking up from a nap.

This is my son in his halloween costume. Do as he says. Or he will eat you. And trust me, ask anyone who knows him...you will fit in his belly.

i voted NOOOOOO ON h8! woo

Love and Marriage for All,
Awww. (Thrift store hopping.) Vote No on Prop. 8.

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  1. Pedro Says:

    great pics, I like the blue hair in november

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