ARTist Change, Hopefully Not for Doll Hairs.

Posted by: ZeBekgarbage

Musica blends i Dig, and do not dig.

I remember when a lot of people were pissed that (one of my fav.’s) Kanye West did Stronger.
Daft Punk (one of my fav.’s) and Kanye making magic. LOVED IT! The video is dope, and the songs are neat.

Which reminds me of another Daft Punk reference i LOVEd watching over and over and over again.

I can also watch this over and over and over again. Day dream about traveling and no worries.

So thats what i dig, dug, garden.

Stuff that’s rotting, hopefully composting is wait, fucken Snoop did a video/song with Katy Perry? WHY SKY? WHYYY? I love Snoop D-O double G. Katy Perry, not my style musically altho i’d love her body down, and i dig the hair/make up/attire etc. I do not want to listen to her musica…. (never say never.)

iSg’s pretty Lesbo Kay meets Katy Perry in iSg gear. (hover over photos for info. or click on ’em)

KRI asked me to do her make up for Katy Perry's new vid.  I did (

KRIssya gave Katy Perry an iSg gift bag which i put together in a Trader Joes shopping bag. haha (

Apparently Katy Perry asked KRI where she got her flamingo shirt. (

and i loved Katy in Escquire.
Yum! tittays!

To me tho, Katy and Snoop do not mix well in music or videos. They both had the opportunity to show Cali and Cali girls and they didnt! This video should have been a dope photo shoot, not a music fucken video.

I understand artists change, evolve and are at different places in different times of their lives. but c’mon Snooooooop! This is the kind of good cheese i like him feeding me, not the candy coated Katy ish.

Snoop dogg feat pharrell – beautiful
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Life’s a garden, dig it.
Look Ma'... I'm a FLAMINGO!

P.S. California girls, lets do a photo shoot! Hit me up!!

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