Ancient Astronauting in San Francisco!

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My old roommate Sara and my home girl Holli are mad fun and mad talented. I was supposed to move with them from Los Angeles to San Francisco but i decided to follow my psychic’s advice and stay behind. =(
I can’t get enough of these girls OR San Francisco so I went to spend the 4th of July with these hot and crazy gals who now live in an awesome spot in San Fran. Man do they always show me a good time. Here’s their newest video. You might get horny, cry, and want to change the world, they will also make you giggle and wiggle, so heads up!


San Francisco Pride 2010 { the documentary } from Ancient Astronaut on Vimeo.

Sara and I are working on some low key secret projects. We are planning to change the world, one sex drive or two at a time.

Peace and Love and Marriage for alllll!
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