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ME AND THE CREW ARE GOING CATALINA ISLAND CAMPING. I’M GONNA TRY TO GET SOME GIRLY CAMPING ACTION ;) IF YA KNOW WHAT I MEEEAN. First i’m on a boat! then i’m on a island! Gonna be swimming with the fishies (and some of them are gonna be hiding behind the rocks), and the kiddies. Photos coming soon!

Click on this! (to not see it so distorted.)

Photo taken by: Meli Vazq
Photo worked by: Ryan M. Vickers
L-R: Toni Solorzano, ZeBek, KAY

I’m talking with David S. Field of Prima Donna (he’s on a U.S. tour right now.) and i was saying I don’t care about my reputation. and he said.

So then i wanted to post this for you,

Which made me remember my awesome date with Toni where we had some greens and vegan cookies (thanks! ) and saw this,

After the movie i wanted to FUCK SHIT UP! (AWESOME MOVIE!) and Toni had to remind me, “uhh Beks, i work here.” hahaha.

I’m on a boat!
Believe me when I say I fucked a mermaid I'm on a boat

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