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The Motherland

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

Posted by: ZeBekgarbage, Nicolas Chevaillier, and Damien Chevaillier

This is Nicolas Chevaillier in Pondicherry India.

This is Damien Chevaillier in Naivasha.

Nicolas is Damien’s older brother and my old roommate. Nicolas and Damien were born to travel the world, they’ve been doing so since they were born. They also have big hearts and love learning and teaching.

I received an email one day from Nicolas and here’s what it said,

“This is Damien… He’s in Kibera (the slum of Nairobi) and he wrote this essay. Thought you might think it is interesting. ppl check your zine, and I felt it was a succinct essay, so I thought I should offer it to you, if you are interested. if not, I can throw it on BRAZAblog.”

Date: February 2, 2010 3:42:12 PM GMT+05:30
To: Mom and Dad

Subject: Something I wrote.

Here is something I wrote for class. It’s sort of a journal entry. I don’t know how good it is, but it says a lot about me. You should read it.

On a late Saturday afternoon, I was strolling around Kibera with a few friends of mine. I had just drunk two beers and ate a fantastic dinner. Mesmerized by my surroundings, I was in a fantastic mood. Life could not have been better. In an alleyway approaching the Nairobi dam, I saw a man walk into a bathroom stall. A few moments later, I witnessed a piece of poop falling into the brown sludge beneath the wooden bathroom floor. The sludge was slowly rolling into the sewage trenches that snaked around the walkways of the slum. I knew that the sewage drains in Kibera had feces in them – I had already smelled it, but I had not yet seen it. I was pretty disgusted upon realizing that the sludge in the sewage drains was not just mud, but feces – human feces.
As this scene was unfolding in front of me, intrigued by my presence, a local man exited his home wanting to talk to me. He asked me how I liked Kibera. I told him that I loved it; it was my favorite part of Nairobi. He was shocked to hear this and thought I was kidding. He expressed his feelings saying Kibera was a terrible place and told me to just look at my surroundings. He pointed to the latrine. My reaction to this was certainly not the appropriate one – I chuckled a little, something I usually do in awkward situations. The man was taken aback, quickly saying that there was nothing cool or funny about the living situation Kibera. He went on a rant describing how people should not have to live in such poor conditions. Pointing to the high rises off in the distance he spoke of inequality.
My first thought of Kibera was that it was not as bad I expected it to be. The people seemed happy and well fed. In fact, I loved it so much I even felt I could live there. My critical incident is that even if I spent a long time in Kibera – a month, a year, even for two years, my experience would be much different than that of a Kiberan. The reality is that it would be much easier knowing that someday I would leave it all behind.
As an outsider I love Kibera and may enjoy the raw experience of open sewage lines, but it is different when that place is your home. I will be going back to the United States in a few months. The local residents will be stuck there, many of them for the rest of their lives. I have made friends with the locals and I feel a connection with many of them, but one day, in the near future, I will leave them all there for a life of incomparable affluence. Most likely, I will never come back.
Having the reassuring feeling that my experience in Kibera is only temporary makes me love the slum rather than hate it. Residents of Kibera may be happy, but they certainly do not love their situation. It is home to many of them, but given any other choice most would not choose to live there. If I lived in Kibera, I would live in the same cramped quarters and would use the same toilet facilities, but I would always have the certain essential amenities of a rich white man. If I got sick I could go see a good doctor. If I contracted tuberculosis, I would know I was not going to die. No matter how much time I spend in Kibera and no matter how similar my lifestyle is to theirs, I will never genuinely know what it is like to be a Kiberan.
In conclusion, I ask myself why do I love spending time in Kibera so much? Why am I happiest roaming the poorest corners of the world? Do I like seeing other people suffer? Does it make me feel better about my situation seeing others in a state much worse than mine? Am I helping by studying and experiencing places like this, or am I only doing it for my own curiosity and enjoyment? These are very important questions that I must look deep inside me to find the answer. I want to pursue a career of aid and development, but I fear my quest for raw adventure will distract me from actually seeing the issue and working to solve it. For example, after my undergraduate studies I want to volunteer with the Peace Corps; but what are my intentions? Will I be volunteering to help, or is it really just a two-year vacation? I want to believe the answer is no, but my interaction with the Kiberan man in front the latrine has sparked my worries. My insensitive chuckle has got me thinking if I truly understand the gravity of the despicable living conditions of much of the world population. I already have sympathy for these people; I hope this incident guides me in finding empathy for them.

“he doesn’t have any pictures of Kibera (the slum) because it is dangerous taking pictures there.”- Nicolas.

So I found these photos of Kibera online. (ZeBek)

Thank you Nicolas and Damien for letting me share this on the zine.

Cut clits HURT,
Trust me you dont wanna see me go bananas on your ass.

subject: (no subject)

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Posted by: the KAT box

from: the KAT box,

RLO’s PICs/VID of the Hump Day! #44

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Posted by: RLOgarbage

No subject here. All random . like my face.

The End! <3 R to-the L-O Ju like? read the full

Why Walk When You Can Gallop?

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Posted by: ZeBekgarbage

Please pay attention. We’ve got a lot o’ learning to do. Its going to be one of those posts. =P

This is Cindy Gallop-

She owns kool shit, she runs amazing game. She ain’t a shy bird. She is a top chick. She is all about sharing is caring, and girls are takin’ ova! She can talk about sex, and dress kooler than a sex kitten in public. Read her about section- Story and click on the little black boxes at bottom to see it all. She ran big accounts for big names not long ago. She’s a mixed mutt like me too. =)

the KAT box introduced me via email to CINDY GALLOP a couple weeks ago. After reading this article, and watching this video

I started surfing the net for all things Cindy Gallop.
Cindy Gallop’s
Personal Website



MakeLoveNotPorn is a Cindy Gallop production.

IfWeRanTheWorld is Cindy Gallop’s Experiment.
(I’m a Specimen of this experiment!) See,

Now lets see where Cindy Gallop lives. This is her home!! as shown to you by Gary Nadeau for one of my FAVorite magazines dwell.

Bold Color, Small Space: The Black Apartment | Cindy Gallop > for Dwell > by Gary Nadeau from gary nadeau on Vimeo.

Click this link to seeee more!

Okay, so back to her IF WE RAN THE WORLD site. Its really easy. You just put what you would do if you ran the world then the site helps you make it happen. Some people get scared of making their wishes come true so they make no actions. This site helps you breakdown your dreams for the world. It makes it easy for you to be your own genie and attain help from others. I tried it out of curiosity, and its totally legit.

This is what NAS would do if he ran the world.

“No rubbers, go in raw…”

This is what i would do! Clicky click click to see! (Cindy Gallop even left me a comment and help to get it going!)

Comment this entry with a link to what you would do, please. I’m telling you, signing up is easy peasy. No lie baby pie. I’ll try and get your back if i can and help w/ your actions. Can anyone help me with mine??

Lets run the world!
How do you think i get my color? from foood.

Picture for Money- It’s FRIDAY!

Friday, May 21st, 2010

Posted by: Ben Huston

I was at the Rite Aid on Whitsett and Magnolia about five years ago and there was a transient woman parked on the edge of the lot who offered to perform oral sex on me. I graciously declined but offered to take her picture for money, she agreed, she posed, smiled, and at then lifted her shirt. The breasts were an unexpected aspect of the photograph. I thought that maybe I could get a whole book’s worth of these photos together and do something that might benefit homeless women; however, it seemed that going out and soliciting the already-victimized would be doing more harm than good.

up yours,
Ben Huston

RLO’s PICs/VID of the Hump Day! #43

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Posted by: RLOgarbage

My momma always said:

Don’t swallow gum, cos you can’t digest it, and your insides will rot!

Heroes can be…slimy and scaly…and smell like feesh.

It’s okay to have weird dreams.

Beware…Too much masturbation can cause spontaneous combustion! KabOOM!!!

<3 R-to the L-O ARLOs a wanee

everyday i’m TRAVELing

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

*new category

Posted by: ZeBekgarbage

I would like to introduce a new category.

As you may or may not know iSCREAMgarbage is in love with traveling. The garbage girls are always globetrotting. At one point each of us garbage girls were in a different country simultaneously. MELgarbage was in London, England, RLOgarbage was in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, CYNgarbage was in Los Angeles, United States and me, i was in in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Issued by the American Consulate in Marseille, France.

We want to share the world with you, and we’d love for you to share the world with us.
I am pretty experienced when it comes to leaving the United States. I’ve had my passport stolen, I’ve punched out strangers, and I’ve almost broken my toe. (All this happened in one night in Germany. haha.) I’ve seen a wedding in Santorini, Greece, I’ve seen Édith Piaf’s grave in Paris, France, and I’ve seen the Pope give mass in Rome, Italy. Enough with the been there, done that, i want to do and see so much more. I need to put Asia and South America on my been there list. Let’s exchange travel help here in this category.

While I was leaving Athens, Greece I met a cute boy who had a layover from Turkey. He told me about this awesome site The concept of this site is you join the site, you open up your home for travelers to crash, and you’re able to find others from around the world to host you all for freee. I have not yet surfed anyone’s couch, but I’ve had a couple surfers. The awesome couple from Canada (Tyson and Cloe) that started Driven To Sustain surfed my couch a couple times. Here’s them on my block!

I learned so much about fun green living from them. Here’s a worm farm i started with the advice of Cloe, and the help from the KAT box.

Tyson also told me how to make my dreams of becoming a traveling organic farmer come true! Via this site, Unfortunately i feel i am serving my time in the adult business now to make my other dreams of becoming a sex scientist expert a reality in the Porn Capital of the world, Chatsworth, CA., U.S.of A.

Anyway, I’ll feed ya more sites to help your traveling dreams come true, and if you can do the same for me please do so by commenting or emailing me. Till next time…

One Love,
Issued by the American Consulate in Marseille, France.

Watch ittt.

Monday, May 17th, 2010

Posted by: ZeBekgarbage via Ian Reid

I like how CARo said, “hey i saw this video i thought it might be cool for your zine.”

What she trying to say here. hahaha.

and another from CARo
i’m trying to teach my bird this too. maybe i’ll use your boobs.

I’m more toy than Barbie,
on our way to the Eiffel Tower i saw a wall, cute guys and some paint and got distracted.  Had to do this fast cuz time was a running.

Wanna Sex Me?

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Posted by: ZeBek

Okay, I’ll go first but then it’s your turn.

Don’t lie, you ain’t gotta be shy. It’s fast and fun.

Age: 24

Sex partners:11 (girls don’t count.)
Giver or Receiver: I’m totally a receiver, but if you ask nicely maybe i’ll be The Giver.
Anal: I’m saving that shit for marriage… and the guy I marry, wont want to do it. ;) So as of now, totally a BUTT VIRGIN! wee.
Male or Female or Trans or Queer: Males & Females and I think maybe even one Q!

Your turn!!
Leave a comment please. =)
Sometimes i wish i was a tranny.  All i can do is try to look like one. =) Mission accomplished!

RLO’s PICs/VID of the Hump Day! #42

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Posted by: RLOgarbage

I’m hungry…

i am what i eat :)
and i <3 to chow down. R-to the-L-O <3 RLO BASURA  en el parke.