magaZINE, movie time.

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This week.

I watched this movie-
in bed on my mini p.c. off of Netflix! yeee. (I love Netflix, on ps3, my p.c., and via disc in the mail.)

I learned all about top bitch Anna Wintour who runs American Vogue

(RLO & I were Queens in Versailles Too!)
Aged with beauty like Vino.

Just a few minutes into watching this movie I thought of another excellent movie I loved, The Devil Wears Prada, Adam Eve wear Nada, I’m in between, but way more fresher. (WESTside.) I’m all about top bitches getting shit done. Someone has to run shit and be a head. Top bitches, handle.

In The September Issue I also learned about the most awesome chick ever… when I grow up I want to be as brilliant as either Snoop Dogg

or Grace Coddington.

Grace went from reading outdated Vogues, to being on the cover of Vogue, to being the Creative Director for U.S. Vogue.

This is Grace on the cover of August 1962’s Vogue-

These are shoots Grace did her thing on-

This is Grace’s Book-

Wintour Grace Land make me happy.
.Lipstick chopstick.

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  1. ME Says:

    this movie is the shit!!! I really like Grace aND the way she brings out the girls in the pictures. It’s crazy how fashion can get and hope to collaborate with you one day…..I’m glad you saw this movie.

  2. aRLO Says:

    She kinda looks like Keira Knightley in her cover pic.

  3. MUNKI Says:


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