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RLO’s PIC/VID of the Hump Day! #33

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Posted by: RLOgarbage


International. Thats how I like my food and that’s how I like my Women!

Monday, March 8th, 2010

You think I, of all people forgot about International Women’s Day? Hell no. I was just too busy PMS napping. mmm. Deep slumbers before I begin monstrating are ze Best.
While we’re on this subject watch this short FUNNY cartoonie please please please! WATCH ME IF YOU WANT TO LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH.
I stole this video from Star’s FB.
Read our FB comments about this video (after you watch link above)-

ZeBekgarbage: that fucken bitch! ONly thing about her i like is she’s the best messanger- always on point with telling me i’m NOT preggos, and he’s NOT the father. ;)

This cartoon is excellent. I’ve always wanted to do one, i’m glad someone else did!

feel better- warm towels, or like someone recently told me… warm tortillas work too…….
oh! and masturbating or cumming helps, it forces the tissue out faster which equals less pain for you. =0
January 28 at 5:04pm

·Star Castro: yeah jerkin off last night seriously helped!!!!
January 28 at 6:11pm

Star is awesome! Watch her in action-
See Star twinkling. (its only a min. long. sooo worth it!!)

Soo I want to introduce to you Wilma. Noope, not the Wilma Flintstone we all ate as children,

I am talking about Wilma Rudolph.

Click on the link above and read about her.
She was born a premie baby, she was always a sick child and she became the first American woman to win 3 GOLD medals in the 1960’s Rome Olympics for track and field. She raced out of the womb to be able to one day say, she was the fastest lady on Earth. Fucken dope!
I’m sure she didnt get to enjoy her Gold in every town either. =(
Remember The Freedom Rides? Well I highly suggest you pay $10 and park for FREE at the Skirball to see Breach of Peace: Photographs of Freedom Riders by Eric Etheridge.

Shhh, here’s a photo i was able to sneak…
After youre done with this exhibit theres a FREE photo booth and paper for you to post what you’d ride for. Mine says ONE LOVE.

NOW- for some fast honorable mentions. ;)

See, LYNette does know best!

ANNND! You all know my love Deja. I talk about her all the time! =)
So, last week TARINA TARANTINO launched her first ever make-up line exclusively at Sephora, and Deja is in the fucken ad’s!! I can actually say, “thats my homegirl!” I was so excited, the register chick just looked at me like, “okay give me back the magazine.” When you go to Sephora look thru the Tarina book and spot Deja standing tall and beautiful on the first page. <3 You go girl!!!!

Ladies, let me leave you with this,
We have to get along. We have to stick together. We have to love each other. Women, imagine this… if we all worked together? We could totally take over the world. C’mon, lets not hate on each other. =)
Lets make love, lesbian style. <3

Women make the world go ’round,
.:drama 4 yo mama:.

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Sunday, March 7th, 2010

from the Kat box,

If animals could speak to us…

Friday, March 5th, 2010

… What would they say?

This week, I watched “The Cove.”

It’s an amazing movie about a village in Japan where the “fishermen” round up and kill a bunch of dolphins for their meat, and how the Japanese government keeps it a secret from the Japanese people and the world, and how one fiery old man groups an “army” to put an end to the dolphin killing spree. I learned a lot about how smart these animals are, and how animals should be respected within nature rather than being trained and studied for our entertainment. Watch, learn, and cry. And DON’T wait for it on Netflix!

Plus, it’s gonna win an Oscar for “Best Documentary.” I know this for a fact.

And if you don’t feel guilty about going to Sea World when you were a little kid after watching this movie, then you’re not even human.

Congrats to Anon11! (again) Where are the rest of you readers?!? At this rate, Anon11 is gonna become my pen pal in real life! (Your surprise will be on its way shortly!) For this week’s reading challenge, post a comment about something you’re passionate about and what you’ve done or will do with that passion.

On sushi hiatus,


Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

Today iSg honours two very exciting birthdays!

First, CARo-
Skate spot

and second, Escargot-
I love these kiddies.

They are both crazy artists! and both a sensitive Pisces. <3 Check out CARo's art here,

and Escargot’s art here,

I love these cats. Some of my fav. peeps in the world. Both are on the iSg crew. Thank you guys for being born… coincidently on the same day! 03/03! (a day after Dr. Seuss-similar art brains) I love you guys!



RLO’s PIC/VID of the Hump Day! #32

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

I’d like to dedicate this special hump-day to my baby sister Caro, who’s turning 21 today!!

You’re my one and only sis, who I feel so blessed to have!
Sorry if I’ve been a bully at times throughout your life, but it’s the big sibling rule ya know?
Which I have to uphold no matter what, so expect more of that for the years to come ;)
Love you very much, even though I don’t show it enough, which I should.

Hope you have a wonderful time this weekend!
Love, your big sis <3

Memoriessss with and of you…

and hopefully many more to come!!!


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Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

from the Kat box,