Mating Season Has Begun…

Posted by: ZeBekgarbage

I like changing with the seasons. In the Fall I start to fatten up for the soon to come cold California weather. In the Winter I enjoy being a fat ass and wearing warm clothes. In the Spring I hear the birds and the bees chopping it up, making shit spicy, makes me want in on it. Summer time is for FUN if ya know what I mean ayyy. ;)



Me in the After:

I like to float like a boat: Me Spring

I am Dolphin Slick now, and soon I will be rockin’ the boat like so: Into Summer

I’m gonna start working on my fitness, and i’m gonna try to cut back on my fav. deadly sin-

Being healthy and walking around nakies this Summer is my goal.

P.S. I love being thick. Nice hips, lips, and tits. yeaaah baby.

Let’s do this shit yo.
BLACK girl meets GIANT pelican. He was Real!! and daaamn am i tanned!!

2 Responses to “Mating Season Has Begun…”

  1. aRLO Says:

    that beluga’s got mad cleavage!

  2. Mishell Says:

    LOL !!! i agree with aRLO!

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