Should always be a woman’s choice.

I remember having debates in 7th grade about this topic. I won both the pro/con abortion debate. I think the teacher made me argue both sides because I was super PRO choice (still am.)

I signed up for the Planned Parenthood Newsletter, you should too. Its very informative.
Christina Ricci is on the national board of VOX-Voices for Planned Parenthood. She will also be appearing in national ads for emergency contraception.

This week through my emails from PPH I learned about the 37th year anniversary for The Roe vs. Wade case. This is important for all women, read on. Men should also be happy about this case, trust me.
and Today I learned that Scott Roeder was convicted for the murder of abortion doctor George Tiller.
Read the article here, and here, and here.

Click on this ugly mug to learn more about the ugly murder.

Making babies, and having babies is a touchy subject. I know. I am sorry if I hurt your heart by speaking from mine, but just because you fucked up once by fucking, doesn’t mean you should fuck up the rest of your life. You like options and choices, so do I. Let’s protect ourselves and our rights.

Use a condom.

I do what i want!!

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14 Responses to “Abortion.”

  1. sloth Says:

    yo, that penis mold is in pretty sad shape. what do i do if magnums don’t fit, zebek?

  2. ZeBek Says:

    grocery bag. Duh.

  3. MUNKI Says:


  4. Fropik Slim Says:

    i am not pro-choice, but rather a member of the pro-abortion movement, headed by and consisting solely of myself. chant the slogans of my new pro-abortion movement: 1. there are no stretch marks in abortion. 2. i wish i was a woman so i could experience the miracle of abortion. 3. abortion brings out the little kid in you. 4. legalize abortion unto the third… grade. 5. think of the unpleasantness we could have been spared had mary and joseph done the sensible thing and had an abortion 6. abortion is the most effective and entertaining birth control. amen.

  5. ZeBekgarbage Says:

    HAHAHA. Unkie Fropik Slim is the silliest, and the illest!

  6. samhorse Says:

    what bout adoption>?…what if your momma decided to kill you before you were born… then you wouldnt have this website or a computer or be able joke about kickin babies when they cant hit you back, cause they are stuck inside a whores womb. the world isnt the best place all the time, but its pretty neat considering thats all we have..nobody likes to be denied, how bout denying someones entire existence. that said im still pro-choice, but also making the right choices for the right reason. i hope you get kicked by a baby for having the worst sense of humor, and spelling, and comics

  7. zebek Says:

    what about adoption?
    A year before me and my twin were born the nurse accidently killed my would be older sister in county hospital. A year later my mom had twins. I do wonder sometimes what it would have been like to have an older sis from the same dad. Then i think back to how me and my twin would take turns riding shotgun in my moms datsun, and how much we hated it so we’d make moms drop us off a block away from school. You know datsuns are only a 2 seater right. Anyway, shit happens, and most times its for a reason.
    I wonder where we’d be if Hitler’s mom had an abortion?
    I think all our moms are madonna whores, they sucked our pops dicks and prob. let those dudes come inside them to make us.
    I love my mom!
    My “website” sucks, i have 3 computers, and i love making jokes.
    Man, and denial is something you gotta get used to, like when you asked that bitch out and she said “no. ho.”
    I hope i get kicked by a baby cause it’d be funny.
    I aint no spelling bee, but i make a lot of buzzz.
    P.S. i dont have comics? but my homies over at Brazahood.com do. =)

    Love and World Peace,

  8. sloth Says:

    yo, zebek. i think samhorse was talking to munki… he does have pretty terrible spelling, and i’m not sure he even knows what humor is. and the comics are pretty terrible. if only munki’s mom would have done the sensible thing, she could have saved poor samhorse from offense.

    here’s my pro-choice argument:


  9. Fropik Slim Says:

    there ARE stretch marks in adoption. there AREN’T stretch marks in abortion. case closed.

    i wish my mom had had an abortion- that way i wouldn’t have had to sit through “twilight”. what a piece of shit that was…

  10. samhorse Says:

    your website is actually really cool, i like it. i was talking to munki, and was slightly offended. im pro choice, but it doesnt mean i like to offend people who arent. and your last comic on this subject did make me laugh, you have alot of other good ones too. art is really neat.

  11. sloth Says:

    yo, thanks samhorse. munki can be a little insensitive. he hasn’t learned the ways of earthians yet… give him some time. sometimes i think he’s autistic or something.

    yo, thanks for checking the site.

    long live brazahood!

  12. Zebekgarbage Says:

    Trust me, I go through this with munki all the time. “aren’t you afraid you’re going to hurt peoples feelings or that they won’t understand your point?”
    but then again, I remember this is what makes munki, munki.
    Pro-choice is me. Not telling anyone to abort anything, just sharing cuz it’s caring. If you’d like you could share info on adoption, or birth control.

    Thanks Samhorse!


  13. samhorse Says:

    well im definitely not an authority on adoption or birth control, but thats why we are lucky to be around and have the interweb and neat webpages like this to talk and learn and grow. life is good in that way, thats the only reason i bring up adoption, it is a decent way out of bad situation without any permanent effects. and your web site is cool, and appreciate that you take the time to talk about interesting things and not a bunch of worthless stuff. sloth, your art in the comics is actually very rad, munki’s humor has me scratching my head sometimes, but thats most likely because i need a shower. also i think oral sex is a good form of birth control, they should teach that some more.

  14. ZeBekgarbage Says:


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