i EAT make-up. She poops ART. 2gether we SCREAMgarbage.

RLO 20 years ago. Age 5-

RLO now. Age 25 today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dress: CARo
Make Up: Me
Photo: Adam Rindy

Happy Birthday Homegirl!
So many birthdays i’ve celebrated with you, and so much pizza i’ve consumed because of you, and all the places i’ve traveled with you. THANK YOU for stayin alive, Ah, ha, ha, ha.

This was soo fun! I love museos.
We saw the Mona Lisa next to Jesus in Paris, France!

Yeah. thats so the pope between us! hahaha
Daaaamn! We even got a photo with the Pope in Rome, Italy!

Nice cars, and they speak english.
Next time we go to Switzerland again, lets open a bank account!

Hola de Espana
We passed through one of the spots Don Quixote handled. Toledo, Spain.

"while you bitches be freezin. we be tannin in the sun and gettin crunk on rummmm"- RLO
We were swimmin’ in the Caribbean, animals were hiding behind the rocks, except the little fish… remember! they were biting us? -Puerto Rico

We kissed in front of The Berlin Wall in Germany. (so awesome!)

We swam with Jelly Fish! in the South of France, even if for only 1 second! haha

We saw the cute church Princess Grace got married in! Monaco. <3 Dude, these are only half of the cities we've been too. Next stop!! JAPAN!!!! Lets do this shit. Happy birthday Love. Lets fucken dance some more!

RLO this is our year. Lets take over!
<3 with LOVE, ZeBek:. fAdEd oFf ZoMBie jUice!

5 Responses to “i EAT make-up. She poops ART. 2gether we SCREAMgarbage.”

  1. aRLO Says:

    aw thanks chica!! still got asia and south america to invade. i appreciate this post i really do-o. real talk! [=

    don’t forget dances with penguins and drunk rockstars!



  2. Crystal Ann Says:

    Bekah, This post it simply touching. I really enjoyed it:)
    Take me to Japan with you and teach me to booty dance!!

  3. Crystal Ann Says:

    P.s. I’m sooooo loving the reenacted birthday pictures. That dress is soo adorable:)

  4. fawn Says:

    happy birthday again arlo! you look pretty much the same 20 years ago. how do you do it?

  5. arlo Says:

    How do it Fawn?

    happy meals and tranny porn of course.

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