RLO’s PIC/VID of the Hump Day! #26

Hello kiddos, excuse the late hump-day entry. As some of you may know, my birfday week is among us and I’ve been busy trying to get my supplies for this weekend. But things have been slow cos of this crazy storm system. But I’m not letting it stop me even though it shut my Internet down for most of the day. =p

Anywho, I’ve also been working on accumulating a lot of votes for an art entry I made a few days ago. I joined in a little late, so I don’t know how close I am, or not in this contest.

So check it out! It’s about me, the person behind Hump-day.
And this weekend is my partay, so come play at cabana club this Sat night. <33 Past: (age 5)

Present: Age 24 until Jan. 26.

Future: Age 100

<3 R to-the-L-O

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  1. sloth Says:

    yo, the votes count for second place. popular vote gets you 2 gs or something. but if the judges pick your shit, that’s when you get the 7 gs. you better bring your homeboy sloth with you to thailand… i love sriracha, and we both love lady boys.

  2. MUNKI Says:


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