I already have my 2010 winter planned out for this year. I am going Caribbean Sea hopping! Places on my list are Dominican Republic, Cuba, Jamaica, and Haiti- give or take an island or two.
I’m sure i’m going to love Haiti because i love Haight and i love the Caribbean.

Puerto Rico,
Lonely and colorful.

San Francisco,
Jimi Hendrix? I just dug the houses and colors.

There’s so much more reading for you to do about Ha├»ti like here:

Who better to trust and believe than Wyclef? That dude is actually Haitian.

I fear earthquakes. I grew up in East Los Angeles, CA. After the Northridge earthquake my mom moved our family to the Valley so she could be closer to Nana, an old lady she used to take care of.

I gave an Abraham Lincoln to Haiti.


These people are dope for giving more than just an Abe Lincoln!

Gisele Gives $1.5M to Haiti,


7 Responses to “LOVE to HAITi.”

  1. anon11 Says:

    Today on CNN, Anderson Cooper expressed it correctly. He is in Haiti reporting on what he’s witnessing. The horror of bodies on the streets, families unable to distinguish their loved ones from the mass graves and the lack of order and support. There is no honor in death.

  2. Crystal Ann Says:

    I gave $20 at least that counts for something. If i could give more I would<3

  3. sk8tareeves Says:

    Well, I tried to give blood this morning but unfortunately I have some tattoos I just got done 2 months ago… so I have to wait a full year to donate..on another note I’m a nurse so I might be takin my ass over there..I went in 2008, hella fun…lots of mountain climbing to get to the villages..

  4. aRLO Says:

    I’m UNEMPLOYED. but i was still able to donate 10 abe lincoln’s to UNICEF after seeing the lifeless body of a little bebe lying on the battered Haitian streets…left to rot.

    It’s just sad, that out of all the places in this world, it had to occur in one of the most impoverished, corrupt countries this side of the hemisphere…and it’s only 90 miles away from one of the richest countries in the world. Sure we’re in a recession, but it pales in comparison to what’s brewing in that little island, and our prayers and moneys should go out to them.

    So kiddies, appreciate what you got and hug your loved ones, cos u never know when shit’s gonna go down.


  5. sk8tareeves Says:

    how do you take pics of you iphone screen like that?

  6. ZeBekgarbage Says:

    You press the home button (black center), and while still holding it, you press down on the top right button. You hear a click, and the photo ends up in your photos. =)

  7. liana Says:

    yay. wyclef is the shit.

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