RLO’s VID of the Hump Day! #16

It looks like this whole week is packed with special days. Especially today. Okay, not only is it hump day (someone please hump me.) But its also Veterans Day! I want to give a shout out to all the Vets, including the ones who fix our animals. Today we honor you.

I would also like to mention that today is one of iSCREAMgarbage’s original crew members’ birfdate!
Kat is the one person who has inspired iSCREAMgarbage the most. And that is a true story.

P.S. She’s single. ;) And twenty fo’ years of age. I’m really proud of this hot bitch, she is currently attending Southwestern Law School. Thats right, iSg is gonna have a hot asian lawyer in a couple of years.
Kat- this song goes out to you!! (p.s. I love you.) true story. HAPPY BIRFDATE BIOTCH!!

<3 One of your many Cheerleaders, ZeBek:. from, little i BIG SCREAM little garbage.

AND NOW I HAND THE KEYBOARD OVER TO RLO. This is in fact RLO’s Hump Day of the Week!

“Pa las k les guste el strawberry”

– R to the L o

3 Responses to “RLO’s VID of the Hump Day! #16”

  1. zebek Says:

    insane. in the membrane.

  2. krioro Says:

    Shout out to the vets from this side too. Thanks for helping to liberate my country! My grandparents housed a couple of American soldiers in the WWII days. My aunt, still a little kid at that time, was afraid to give one of them a kiss on the cheek because she thought he was covered in dirt. He wasn’t, he was black. Haha. She got over it and married a black guy later in life (like my mom did) so it’s all good.

    Also, happy b-day to Kat, from 1/4 Asian stranger to Asian.

    And props for posting Vanity 6, awesome! Although I have to admit I prefer Apollonia 6, because I’m in love with Patricia Kotero.

  3. zebek Says:

    hahaha, thats a cute story!

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