TODAY- The Berlin Wall went DOOOWN 20 years ago!

I have seen and been to many places in Europe, from island hopping in Greece to grave hopping in France. I’ve fallen in love with food and buildings, people and pigeons, and I must say, one of my most favorite cities in the world is for sure Berlin. There’s something in the air, like that feeling you get from the air in San Francisco, California- it’s just great.

The Berlin Wall is a very important part of the World.

Peace. ZeBek & a Piece of the Wall.

Checkpoint Charlie.ZeBek- RLO- Sara.

Fat Tire Bike Tour of Berlin and it’s history. ZeBek- Sara,- RLO.

The rest of these photos were taken by Escargot in front of The East Side Gallery.
This is the worlds biggest, longest lasting open air gallery. AMAZING! And it is now Protected! yay.

iSCREAMgarbage sticker on a garbage can in front of a piece of the East Side Gallery.

See it?

I’ll leave you with this awesome song. I got to see this band play live when I was 14, def. go see them if you get a chance.
I also rode a train to Paris, France from Düsseldorf, Germany- alone. That was fun.


World Lover/Traveler,
I had my own ATV!  We rode around the whole island. Sooo FUN!!

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  1. arlo Says:


  2. Fropik Slim Says:

    my half sister was convinced that world war 3 would start any second after the berlin wall came down. after all, germany was reunited, and world wars tend to happen whenever that’s the case. our grandparents fled germany in 1932, one year before hitler took over- under the nuremberg laws, they were “jews”, despite being protestants, and one thing lutherans really resent is name calling- and the family on their side were first generation self-hating germans. kind of like woody allen, only ornerier.

    blah. that was probably the biggest deal to happen to the world in the last 50 years. still get all choked up and gay remembering seeing it on tv when i was a kid. cheers for that.

  3. zebek Says:

    =) I love hearing people’s views on Berlin, the wall, and memories. Thanks for that!

  4. krioro Says:

    Berlin’s a cool city. The fall of the wall was a great happening. Even Lech Walesa acting stupid old school at the recent events was kinda funny. All fine. But goddamn I hate thieving Germans messing up my cunning plans of seducing hot American girls! I needed to share that.

  5. zebek Says:

    hahahaha. Dude, i totally feel like i missed out on not meeting you! I was thinking of just getting my ass over there somehow, but there really was no way. I had no id and no mula at the time. so lame. BUT! We will meet soon soon i bet. =)

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